Home Alone: Canine Edition! The Good, Bad and Chewed-Up Couch

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – In my practice, I’ve always used probiotics in general -; as animals need probiotics just like humans. Adding beneficial bacteria to a pet’s diet helps the digestive system combat intestinal parasites and improves digestive function.
The gastrointestinal tract is such an important foundation to pets’ immune systems because the gut is an entry point for pathogens. If you’re using probiotics, the immune system is supported and strengthened to fight infection quickly and aggressively. Probiotics also help stop the immune system from over-reacting and creating inflammation.
One common issue for pets is ear infection. I’ve observed that whether we used conventional or alternative treatments, adding a probiotic product for immune system support shortens the length and reduces the severity of the infection. I usually see a better outcome by adding Del-Immune V (www.delimmune.com) to treatment, and generally don’t need to do additional treatments, as is common with ear infections.
Another common issue with pets is skin problems, including mange. I have found that skin problems improve quickly with a probiotic product, like Del-Immune V. I use it for immune system support with all types of mange, including the problematic demodectic mange. Some animals have genetically inherited immune weaknesses that allow mange-inducing mites to overgrow. Dogs can inherit the mites from their parents. You will know the mites are out of control if mange becomes a problem.
Probiotics help immensely by supporting the immune system in mounting an appropriate response to the mange mites. Traditional treatments for mange can include strong antibiotics and dips in toxic medicines. But many dogs, if provided a good diet and Del-Immune V, can get over it on their own — unless the infection is too severe. Most dogs survive with veterinary intervention, but if severe enough, mange can be fatal.
See your local veterinarian if your pet begins to display any symptoms.

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