Smartphones Feed New Parental Fears

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – The kids are in school, which means they spend most of their day without parental supervision. The days when parents only had to worry about their kids skipping class and getting bullied for lunch money are gone. Now, new threats have emerged around cell phone use.
According to a survey performed by Internet monitoring software company SpectorSoft, sexting is parents’ primary concern during the school season.
“Absolutely,” said Rebecca Hagelin, a parent who uses SpectorSoft to track her three teenagers. “It’s allowed my children to enjoy all the benefits the latest technology has to offer them, and it’s allowed me to protect them from the dangers of some of the new technology,” she said. “It’s a win-win.”
Smartphones with advanced Internet capabilities have greatly increased parental fears about cyberbullies, online predators, sexting and the exchange of inappropriate messages and pictures.
SpectorSoft reports that 82 percent of all families surveyed contain at least one child who has a smartphone. Even if teachers and school faculty can keep students off their phones during school hours, who protects them after school?
Bryan Bowers, author of “Keep Your Family Safe Online,” said that the survey proves parents are starting to gain greater awareness of what their children are actually up to on their phones and online. “So many children have smartphones, and this tells me parents are starting to get the idea that these devices can be a problem for children,” Bowers said. “They are starting to see the reality of what is out there.”
SpectorSoft, focused on monitoring products for children since their inception in 1998, has released eBlaster Mobile for Android and BlackBerry phones. This software keeps track of all activity on these smartphones by monitoring and recording text messages, calls and Internet activity and then sending that information to the parent. It also has Geofencing capabilities to enable parents to better understand the whereabouts of their children through their mobile devices. Parents can create electronic location boundaries — or fences — that trigger an alert notification when their child enters or exits a pre-defined area with their mobile device.
eBlaster is designed for maximum parental convenience and child safety. The software can be downloaded from its website,, and then managed from any remote location. Plus, it has a GPS function reporting the exact location of the phone in the event of emergencies.

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