Workplace Ergonomics Get an Update in Today’s Working World

WorkplaceErgonomicsC“Workplace ergonomics” used to be a buzzword in past years, which meant ensuring that employees were outfitted with what they needed to be comfortable at work. Nowadays however, more people are working from home, be it by their choice or their employer’s. Regardless of the reason, one thing is obvious: It’s just as possible to injure yourself no matter where you physically work.

Consider this: When it comes to a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries caused by stress to the joints from repetitive tasks, overuse of muscles, and poor posture, what’s the difference if you’re slumping in front of an office computer or a home laptop? Knowing how to bend properly and lift objects of all sizes is important, wherever you work.

As the Society for Human Resource Management advises: “Employees who work from home or travel for work should be taught to assess their adhoc workplaces for ergonomic risks.”

If you’re experiencing pain, doctors of chiropractic — who have a minimum of seven years of higher education — focus on structure and function. They care for pain syndromes with a drug-free approach that includes spinal manipulation and exercises to help stretch out and strengthen core muscles. Meanwhile, here are a few tips that can help:

• Get a good chair, be mindful of your posture and learn proper lifting and stretching techniques.

• Keep your eyes at the same height as the computer monitor — without leaning forward — to help avoid headaches and neck pain.

• Take frequent stretching mini-breaks and stay hydrated with water.

“Back injuries are the most prevalent occupational injury, and studies have shown chiropractic patients have consistently better outcomes with high patient satisfaction results,” says the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress’ Gerard Clum, DC.

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