The Outside Is In: Building a Backyard Paradise Begins With an Outdoor Spa

Spas are becoming an increasingly popular amenity with homeowners everywhere. They are being used to promote relaxation, healthy living and family time. What’s more, spa owners are finding great ways to personalize their home spas to give them a unique getaway.

All it takes to create your own spa experience, say experts, is a few feet of backyard and a little imagination.

Some ideas to round out your space might be to hang attractive lanterns, add some comfortable seating for guests, keep a cooler nearby for cold drinks, and even a fire pit for warmth during the colder months.

Other ways to emulate a spa-like experience are to hang pegs for robes, install a wooden deck box for storing towels and keeping slippers dry. Consider laying down an outdoor carpet to provide cushioning for your feet, and surrounding the area with tall flowering potted plants for privacy.

To keep your spa running smoothly and in the best condition possible, the professionals at SpaGuard, a company that specializes in spa care, offer these tips:

•    Circulate Daily. Run your spa’s circulation system every day to distribute antibacterial products.

•    Keep It Clean. Use surface cleaners or spa mitts to clean the ring that forms at the waterline.

•    Respect the Chemistry. Follow a system designed to keep water clean, kill bacteria, prevent stains, and protect equipment from calcium buildup.

•    Test It Regularly. Use strips or a kit to test your spa on a consistent basis, and take a water sample to your dealer every four to six weeks for a pH and sanitizer analysis.

•    Establish a Schedule. See your dealer to plan a timetable for draining and filling your spa based on frequency of use and number of bathers.

For more information on how to create and maintain your own backyard spa, and to locate a dealer near you, visit

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