Switch to Smartphones and Reap Rewards

Believe it or not, some people are afraid of switching to smartphones. Only youth still abide by the “smaller is better” mentality, and some adults are boggled by handheld devices with more bells and whistles and fewer tactile buttons. Not to mention the data plan that costs extra each month. Despite these heavy considerations, upgrading to a smartphone yields enough savings to outweigh the other impacts – if you do it right.

Like any technology purchase, put some thought and preparation into the process. Not all smartphones are made equal, and you must find the one suited to you and your needs. Plus, it might help to know how to use the plethora of fancy features to maximize your investment. Check out these tech-friendly tips to get the most out of your switch.

1.    Research your ideal smartphone. Certain smartphones will be more suitable for your personal or work habits, and they don’t have to break the bank. Don’t settle for the first shiny phone that promises to change your life, consider what it’ll be used for. Some can help you make the transition a little less intimidating. The Kyocera Milano, for instance, is equipped with everything short of a Batmobile – both a touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard, advanced power-saving modes for battery life, improved web browsing, a detailed back-up assistant and more. And its entry-level price point won’t put a huge dent in your bank account. The Milano is available at Sprint (http://www.sprint.com). For more information, visit kyocera-wireless.com.

2.    Explore app stores. Half the fun of owning a smartphone is playing with all of the useful (and absurd) apps floating around. From head lice to shopping to sports, there’s probably a free app for it and, if used correctly, apps can stack up serious savings. There are apps to scan barcodes and compare prices for maximum shopping efficiency. GPS apps provide shortcuts and real-time traffic updates. Calendar apps record all of your important appointments with notifications. Yelp apps survey your immediate surroundings to find local restaurants, depending on your diet, preference or budget. Tap into the power of the app and use it wisely and your smartphone can become a true digital assistant. The Kyocera Milano has both a keypad and a touchscreen, which makes it optimal for almost any app.

3.    Go digital – try smartphone apps for mobile banking. Nothing can beat tangible records, but busy adults don’t always have time for even simple errands. Banking apps allow users to take pictures to deposit checks from anywhere or incorporate Paypal for depositing checks. This also works for record-keeping. Take pictures of receipts or other documents to have them on the go. This will help preserve records and keep them secure. This use provides another compelling reason to make the switch to smartphones.

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