Six Tips to Personalize Your Workspace

Staring at gray cubicle walls doesn’t exactly lift your spirits, but you don’t know how to decorate your office so it looks like you without looking unprofessional. Here are some tips on creating an organized, professional and attractive workspace, whether you have a home office, a corner office or a cubicle.

PlaqueMaker Plus, a company that specializes in custom frames, signs, trophies and other items, offers the following tips:

•    Ask about your company’s policy on desk decorations. Obviously, you have considerable decorating freedom if you work from home. But your company may have restrictions — find out what they are before you’re required to remove family pictures or that piglet calendar.

•    Choose a color scheme. You can bring some life to your desk by repeating a few colors. For example, your visible file folders, desk pad and stapler could all be blue.

•    Hang framed business certificates or awards on the wall. Framed business certificates will remind coworkers and clients of your credentials and accomplishments, not to mention provide professional-looking decoration. PlaqueMaker Plus sells attractive padded and flat certificate covers, as well as slide-in plaque frames that come in ultra-light weights, making them appropriate for office cubicles.

•    Assess your lighting. Unless you have a bright window, you should add an attractive desk lamp, both to brighten your workspace and create decoration. A banker’s lamp is always a good choice.

•    Think about what you need to perform your job. A glass vase might improve your desk’s aesthetics, but a glass paperweight might prove more useful. Consider decorating by buying attractive versions of all the office accessories you need to have anyway, such as pen holders, staplers, folders, letter openers and calendar stands.

•    Buy a potted plant. An orchid or fern is the quickest way to turn your humdrum office space into a stress-free sanctuary.

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