Saving Lipo Fat Could Save Your Life

We live in a world of recycling. Nearly everything can be recycled and repurposed for later use – even medical waste. Now, liposuction fat leftovers can be turned into adult stem cells, which can be stored as a tangible form of “bio-insurance” for the future.

According to American stem cell researcher Douglas Losordo, MD, of the regenerative medicine program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, evidence strongly suggests that fat stem cells can stimulate the repair process after a heart attack.

In addition to a heart attack, leftover lipo fat can offer a solution in the event of over 100 life-threatening diseases. For families with a history of diabetes, heart disease or neurological disorders, stem cells from fat may offer treatment options unavailable to others.

Body fat is an abundant, renewable resource. Research shows that fat, or adipose tissue, is actually a better source of adult stem cells. It’s concentration can be up to 1,000 times greater than what can be extracted from bone marrow, it’s easily accessible and is a less invasive procedure. Adipose tissue is currently discarded after liposuction when it could be put to better use. Storing today is essential because as you age, so do your stem cells, limiting their potential for future use.

Beneath this umbrella of medical potential, the first adipose adult stem cell bank, American CryoStem, is providing a service and facility to store adult stem cells for future health applications. With American CryoStem providers, a viable fat sample can be extracted from a patient in a simple process taking less than 30 minutes. American CryoStem’s clinical laboratory then isolates the stem cells from the body fat, and the sample is immediately tested for sterility and cell viability. Afterward, the sample is prepared for long-term storage and secured at a FDA-compliant cryopreservation facility.

Despite the startling possibilities of regenerative medicine, it’s greatly under-utilized in the U.S. Currently, American CryoStem is the only bank focusing solely on the storage of adipose-derived adult stem cells.

To be notified when services become available in your area, pre-enroll with American CryoStem. To learn more, visit or talk to your doctor. American CryoStem is a publicly traded company trading under the symbol (OTCQB: CRYO). For an investor kit, go to

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