Peyton Manning Throws a Hail Mary Pass With Stem Cell Therapy

When Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning said he was doing everything he could to get his health back, he was telling the absolute truth. After months of physical therapy and three failed surgeries to repair his neck, the 35-year-old traveled to Europe to receive adult stem cell therapy.

Stem cell procedures are commonly in use in Europe and China. Americans are beginning to understand the regenerative power of stem cells and are looking to become part of this new direction in medicine. Manning’s European physicians removed some of his body fat, extracted stem cells from it and then injected the cultured cells into his neck to rejuvenate the damaged nerves and tissue.

Although Manning’s procedure created many discussions among American doctors and ethicists, adult stem cell therapies are in preclinical trials and are mostly used in “desperate situations” in the U.S. In Colorado, a leading spine surgeon successfully performed a lumbar disc procedure using adult stem cells to reverse the disc degeneration and regrow cartilage. In Ohio, doctors grew a teenager’s cheekbones, which were missing due to a rare genetic defect.

Optimism is high as adult stem cell treatments are seeing very promising results. The effectiveness of Manning’s treatment is pending, leaving the four-time league MVP still unsure as to when or if he’ll be able to play this season. However, leading European doctors have cured varying levels of blindness and engineered entire windpipes, organs and digits. With every research and clinical trial that’s performed, come more surprising and encouraging results for the developing field of regenerative medicine. Frankly, the U.S. needs to start playing catch-up.

One American company is capitalizing on the increasing applications of adult stem cells by offering a life-saving service. American CryoStem is one of the only stem cell banks in the world dealing exclusively with adipose tissue. Participating physicians can extract adult stem cells from body fat with a minor procedure. It’s tested for viability and cryogenically preserved for as long as necessary. Storing your personal stem cells today provides more treatment options without the possibility of cellular rejection from donor cells, and the ability to capture your current cell age because as your body ages so do your stem cells.

Ask your doctor about the adult stem cell storage and services of American CryoStem. Pre-enroll today to find out when a service provider becomes available in your area. American CryoStem is a publicly traded company trading under the symbol (OTCQB: CRYO). For an investor kit, go to Follow them on Twitter, @cryostem.

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