No-Cost IT Service Audits Save Money

Voice and Data Systems are crucial to the success or failure of most businesses. Many companies provide laptops, cell phones, and Internet connections that require expensive maintenance by internal IT departments.  However, paying for full-time IT services and multiple telecom providers may be an overlooked and unnecessary expense. A no cost analysis of these computer support and telecommunication expenses can save companies money.

Geeks On Call has been a nationwide leader of on-site computer support to thousands of businesses for over a decade. Recognizing a need for advice with telecom service contracts, this leader in outsourced IT services recently announced a new professional telecom audit service designed for business of all sizes to save money.

Representing all of the major telecom companies Geeks On Call finds the right service and the best rates for their clients. Their new professional telecom audit service helps businesses maximize the use of their existing technology while ensuring that they are getting the best prices on their voice and data contracts.

The audit includes cell phone, broadband, DSL, local, long-distance, teleconferencing and video conferencing services. The major telecom vendors represented compensate Geeks On Call so they can provide the audit at no cost.

Geeks On Call typically saves businesses 10 to 30 percent on their voice and data solutions. Questions about this new cost saving service can be answered by a Geeks On Call expert at 1-800-905-GEEK (4335).

Visit or call 1-800-905-GEEK (4335).

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