Natural Color Diamonds Rock Street Style and High Fashion

As warm weather signals the start of wedding season, eager brides and grooms prepare for the big day while guests pour over registries and book hotels. From the guests to the wedding party, the romantic affair screams, “Diamonds!”

Fine jewelry is actually the most popular choice for all of the gifts surrounding the event—a delicate pendant for the bride, chic cufflinks for the groom, glittering earrings for the mother of the bride. Diamond jewelry is no longer just for red carpets or runways. More recently, the versatile rock transitioned gracefully into everyday fashion through trends in pave settings and natural color diamonds.

Much of the shift can be attributed to affordable styles. “Diamonds are a classic staple on the red carpet, but we’re starting to see more options,” explains Michael O’Connor, a jewelry and design expert for celebrities and stylists. “Natural color diamonds are really popular among celebrities and the general public right now, especially when they complement current-day fashion trends.”

According to O’Connor, Argyle diamonds hailing from Australia offer a broad scope of rare yet modestly priced jewelry. “Although natural colors are unique, Argyle diamonds are available at an affordable price range.”

Argyle diamonds lend themselves well to pave and micropave set fashions, since they’re usually mined in small crystals. But it’s the spectrum of colors found in Argyle diamonds that make them truly unique. The Australian mine produces silvers, grays, deep cognacs and warm champagnes, the neutral shades that send designers over the edge of jewelry bliss.

Viewers of the 70th annual Golden Globes may have noticed more than a few champagne diamonds on the wrists, ears and necks of stars like “Nashvilles’” Connie Britton and the country-pop princess Taylor Swift.

For many designers and stylists, champagne is the ideal neutral shade because it complements most trending colors. Perhaps that explains the $5 billion worth of champagne diamonds sold each year. Learn more about natural colors at

Besides the rise in pave settings and champagne diamonds, other new jewelry styles are proving to be just as inexpensive. Vintage jewelry and 80s classics have caught fire again, like layered chains, bows, big crystal rings and bright acrylic or plastic pieces. In the never-ending quest for affordable fashion, new designers experiment with materials like glass, wood, rubber and ribbon. To find more information about Argyle diamonds, visit

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