Holiday Guide: Custom Gifts for Kids, Parents and Coworkers

Christmas shopping for friends and family can be entertaining and rewarding, just don’t wait until the last minute. These days, there’s a million ways to plan ahead, buy awesome gifts in advance and—just maybe—you won’t feel like the holidays set you back six months financially.

Savvy shoppers can download free apps from selected retailers, explore websites for announcements on sales, pick up a bouquet of gift cards while in line for groceries and shop online for custom gifts. Hint: look for free shipping!

Personalized gifts tend to mean more, and they give families a chance to use all those birthday photos, memorable candids or classic snapshots. Custom photo gifts trigger fond memories and remind you of a special person. Consider these custom gift ideas for the following types of people you may shop for this holiday season:

For kids: If you’re toting an adorable baby or small toddler on your hips, buying presents for them is almost like shopping for yourself. Get a baby bib with an off-the-charts favorite picture of your little tike, one more thing to make you smile while you’re trying to make them eat peas. For older boys and girls, parents can customize Kindle cases with group shots of friends, or decorate volleyballs, basketballs and soccer balls with team photos. Daughters and nieces will love plush Pashmina scarves with their initials, or maybe a tote bag adorned with dance team pictures.

For parents: Parents might not expect much, but it’s great to show appreciation in the form of thoughtful presents. If your parents have a weakness for wine, treat them to a set of engraved wine glasses []. Their dinner parties just got a little classier. Is your father a whiskey or bourbon connoisseur? He could use a stainless steel flask with a quote from a favorite author. Or, design an iPad case with your choice of black leather, faux suede, neoprene, and a company logo or a family picture. You can also think jewelry, such as pinstriped cufflinks or unique pendants.

For coworkers: The workplace wouldn’t be the same without trusted coworkers-turned-friends. Get them something for their desk, like a mahogany pen holder with a picture from their wedding or a new mouse pad with an image of their newborn baby girl. Avid coffee drinkers might enjoy a new mug with an image of a beloved pet, motto or personal artwork. If you guys work out together after work, consider an aluminum water bottle with a sports team logo, picture or engraving—perfect for the gym, hikes, camping and who-knows-what-else.

Need more custom gift ideas? If you’re thinking about using all those great photos hibernating on your laptop, explore Snappy Photo Gifts at Their new website, designed for convenience and great customer service, is ripe with fun Christmas gift ideas. Don’t forget about stocking stuffers, like sports team koozies, engraved pocket knives, custom bookmarks and key chains, coat hooks with a picture frame and personalized cocktail shakers.

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