Good Coffee: Goodwill

Tyler’s Coffee continues to give back with its recent partnership with Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona. Tyler’s has hired the adults with disabilities in Goodwill Business Center to attach labels to packages of Tyler’s Coffee.

Todd Waltz, safety manager of Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona states, “Our mission is to provide training, services and jobs for people with barriers to employment. Our partnership with Tyler’s Coffee is helping us do just that.”

Future labels will state that this coffee was “Packaged by our friends at Goodwill of Southern Arizona.” Tyler is happy to realize that every sale that comes from their website is contributing to the community and giving back to the less fortunate. He continues, “This project empowers people with barriers to employment with an opportunity to work. They have a strong desire to do well, and we’re glad to be a part of the process.”

This latest project continues a theme for Tyler’s Coffee giving back. It has given free coffee to troops deployed overseas and has worked with organizations like the Red Cross at free coffee events.

Tyler’s Coffee is not your ordinary coffee. In addition to giving back to the community, it also provides a coffee that is good for your health. It calls this new coffee “acid-free coffee.” It is a new concept in the coffee industry, founded on a unique “Z-Roasting” computerized process that roasts beans for the optimal amount of time. Acid-free coffee is safer for tooth enamel and gentler on the stomach. It also has been known to provide relief for some stomach problems such as heartburn. For more information on Tyler’s Coffees’ activities with Goodwill, visit

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