Get Mom a Smartphone Built for the Drops and Spills of Everyday Life

Smartphones have become ingrained in our lives: as personal assistants, mini computers, navigators, gaming devices and more. But the average device can’t withstand the rigors of everyday life. In fact, the yearly volume of cracked screens and waterlogged phones suggest many people’s daily lives aren’t safe enough for smartphones. Most moms know their smartphones won’t even survive 5 minutes with a toddler.

It’s not just construction crews, contractors and other outdoor, on-the-go jobs that demand a rugged smartphone. Avid hikers, fitness buffs, concert goers, athletes, cooks and the average parent can all attest to the need for some digital gear that helps them live more and fear their technology less. Most phones aren’t equipped for the daily rigors of parenthood, let alone adrenaline-seekers who rock climb, bike, kayak and ski or snowboard regularly.

Today’s typical daily schedule requires a solid device. From dropping a phone in the morning coffee line or racing into the office to spilling water over the touchscreen or leaving it out in the sun too long, everyone could use some additional ruggedness for the extreme and everyday.

These days, mobile phones are designed to differentiate and meet every consumer need. Anyone whose life sees more than a few a rough-and-tumble moments can get the best of both worlds with Kyocera’s new rugged, full-featured smartphone, the Kyocera Torque available with Sprint.  Torque has the bells and whistles expected of any Android smartphone—4G speeds, LCD touchscreen, dual cameras and speakers, hotspot capabilities—but it’s also durable enough to withstand a drop in a puddle, on the sidewalk or even being smacked on the jungle gym. Torque is also the first U.S. device to offer an innovative tissue-conduction audio technology called Kyocera Smart Sonic Receiver, ensuring conversations are crystal clear even in noisy environments.

With a Torque smartphone, busy parents can download the kids’ favorite games knowing their phones are safe from dust, shock, extreme temperatures, water and clumsy fingers. Kyocera actually used military standards during the design and engineering process to give consumers the utmost protection. Plus, the rubberized non-slick grip exterior means the smartphone won’t slide out of sweaty hands while you’re exercising, fishing, washing dishes or swinging at the local playground.

Don’t resign yourself to investing in a smartphone just to shell out more money on a protective case that still leaves your screen vulnerable. Maybe Mom would appreciate a smartphone upgrade this Mother’s Day. Learn more about crossover rugged smartphones at

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