Don’t Condemn Your Digital Images to Hard Drive Solitude

In the past, Americans visited drug stores and photography shops to get their vacation pictures developed. Whether the resulting photographs landed in a scrapbook or a shoebox, they were, at least, a physical reality. Today, many people choose to carry lighter digital cameras – and many of their vacation photos end up languishing on laptops forever.

But Americans can find things to do with their vacation photographs. Here are some more unique ideas that go beyond online scrapbooks or digital photo frames:

•    Dress up your suitcase. If you’re a frequent traveler, why not turn a favorite picture into a personalized luggage tag? You will see a reminder of a successful trip every time you pack your suitcase, and it will be easier to identify your luggage at the airport carousel.

•    Keep track of the time. If you’re one of those people who always loses track of the time, try turning your clock into something you actually want to look at. Some companies will print your image on the face of a personalized clock. That way, you can remember your last tropical escape while you count down the minutes to your next vacation.

•    Have sweet dreams. Need a nap? Print your favorite vacation photo on a pillowcase, and you’ll slumber in style. Who knows? Maybe you’ll dream about your trip! Personalized pillowcases also make for unique way to decorate your bedroom.

•    Puzzle it out. Turn a favorite photo into a puzzle. Custom-made puzzles will give you hours of entertainment, not to mention unique pieces of art that you can later mat and frame, or even give to friends or family members as personalized photo gifts.

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