Chiropractic Care Comes to the Workplace

ChiroServicesCMany of the big companies are supporting it. Google does. So do Apple and Facebook.

These Internet giants are part of a growing trend among businesses acknowledging the distinct link between healthy employees and a healthy bottom line—and they are adopting worksite health centers that include chiropractic care.

“Employers are now seeing that employee health is important beyond health care costs,” said Beth Bierbower, president of Humana’s Employer Group Segment. “It has profound impacts on productivity, retention, workplace engagement and morale.”

One of the earliest businesses to elect to put its employees’ health first was Wisconsin-based whole-food nutritional supplement company Standard Process. Its management team was so impressed with an employee-initiated walking program back in 1988 that it ultimately took things a giant step further by starting a wellness program for its own and other companies’ workers called “Cultivate.” The four core pillars? Nutrition, fitness, health education and, of course, chiropractic care.

So far, Standard Process says it can report that approximately 90 percent of employee’s participate, which has culminated in:

•    Reduced health care claims.

•    Higher rates of employees committing to health and wellness goals.

“As evidence emerges further documenting the positive outcomes associated with chiropractic care, I expect a larger number of employers will be impressed and take steps toward inclusion of chiropractic care,” said Gerard Clum, DC, of the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

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