Chew on This: Portable Spittoons Make It Easy to Be Outdoors This Summer

SummerHeatSummertime means lazy days, barbecues, baseball games and time at the beach or pool. In short, outdoor activities are plentiful and frequent, but for the 9 million smokeless tobacco users, they can present a quandary.

One of the problems for smokeless tobacco users is the unsightly, telltale “spit cup.” For one, it can make other people uneasy seeing a clear bottle sitting in a car, by a beach chair or on the deck in the backyard. Carrying a large chewing tobacco spittoon doesn’t seem to be a better option either, nor does using a dip cup, which could spill and make a mess that can be difficult to clean up, depending on where the spill occurs.

But what other choice is there?

According to Everett Dickson, CEO of FLASR, an Atlanta-based tobacco accessory producer (OTCQB: FLSR), this scenario is just one of the many reasons his company created the portable spittoon.

“The small size of the FLASR portable tobacco flask allows users to enjoy smokeless tobacco unobtrusively in public without unwanted attention,” said Dickson. “Whether you are fishing, attending an outdoor sporting event, heading to your company’s picnic or enjoying a ballgame, FLASR is great for a variety of summer activities.”

According to its website, the company’s new 4-ounce pocket spittoon is designed to allow users to open and shut it with just one hand, making it an ideal solution to take anywhere while providing the user with “an elegant and easy-to-use-solution for taking your favorite tobacco products along wherever your travels lead you.”

For those who work or play outside during these months, more than they’re in, the FLASR — the original tobacco flask — has an advanced closing mechanism, ensuring that it stays securely closed when not in use, eliminating the risk of spills and leaks often associated with cups and bottles.

The company plans on designing variations of the product to give consumers a greater choice of design options, including, but not limited to, sports team logos, hobbies, interests and more. FLASR is available in 400 stores across 10 states as well as online.

For more information, visit Market listing: FLASR (OTCQB: FLSR).

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