Calling All College Guys: Win a Date to a Hollywood Movie Premiere!

In just 10 days, Seven Arts Pictures will announce the winners of their “Win-A-Date” sweepstakes for the October 12th Hollywood premiere of  “The Pool Boys”. Will a student from your school be among the winners?

The sweepstakes awards two grand prize winners an unforgettable Hollywood vacation. Each winner will be flown roundtrip to Los Angeles, stay two nights at a hot Hollywood hotel, take actress Sheena Lee or Patricia De Leon of “The Pool Boys” on an amazing dinner date at an A-list restaurant and walk the red carpet with his celebrity date on his arm.

To enter, text DATE to 37619, and reply YES to the confirmation text message. You can also enter online through our Facebook page, or through the film’s Twitter page. Simply complete the online entry form and hit ‘submit’!

“The Pool Boys” is the hilarious new comedy from the makers of “American Pie”, starring Matthew Lillard, Brett Davern, Efren Ramirez, Rachel Lefevre and Tom Arnold.

What happens when a Harvard student, desperate to earn next year’s tuition, works as a pool boy alongside his overly ambitious cousin? They turn a client’s mansion into a Beverly Hills brothel and a raucous romp ensues!

To learn more about “The Pool Boys” or the “Win-a-Date” sweepstakes, go to For a complete list of all rules and regulations, go to

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