Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Stressing You Out?

It’s that time of year when we all start making New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions such as going to the gym, eating healthier, starting a new job, or reducing alcohol consumption tend to top the list. If you’re like most people, starting and maintaining your New Year’s resolutions is stressful even if you’re one of the few who professes that you can deal with everything and lead a “stressless life.” But how do you know you’re not stressed? Do you find yourself waking up feeling poorly rested, have a nagging headache that simply won’t go away, or have low energy levels? Is your attempt at fulfilling your New Year’s Resolutions stressing you out?

The root cause of your distress may be in your mouth, due to an often misunderstood condition called bruxism. Bruxism, defined as teeth or jaw clenching, can cause painful symptoms such as migraines or TMJ headaches, neck and jaw pain, earaches, sleep disruption, and a wide range of other dental and medical issues. For example, teeth grinding could be the reason for the lack of a good night’s sleep. More serious consequences, such as permanent tooth damage, may affect your smile as well as your confidence.

Bruxism symptoms may cause one to suffer needlessly because the connection is not easily made between your stress, your teeth, and your pain. It is estimated that bruxism affects more than 70 million Americans, and this number is growing. Stress and anxiety are the most common indicators of bruxism; teeth grinding is a subconscious attempt by the human body to decrease stress levels.

While there is no specific medication to treat bruxism, it can be managed by using a dental grind guard. Use of a dental grind guard may help reduce the negative consequences of bruxism while protecting your teeth and preventing future damage to your pearly smile.

Ora-GUARD is a different type of dental grind guard. What sets it apart is its patented design: combining a soft, medical-grade fit material for absorbing jaw-clenching tension with a hard surface bite-plate wedge design that cause the teeth and jaws to slide naturally forward. This protects the teth from the damaging effects of grinding and clenching, while concurrently releasing tension on the TMJ muscle. FDA-cleared, the Ora-GUARD dental grind guard is designed as an effective over-the-counter treatment to minimize tooth damage and pain associated with the symptoms of bruxism.

While New Year’s resolutions can be stressful, they don’t have to impact your quality of life or your smile. Taking steps to maintain good oral health, such as using Ora-GUARD, is a New Year’s resolution that you can keep all year long.

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