Are You Kidding? Belly Fat Can Save My Life?

Most people tend to loathe their belly fat, and they’ll expend serious effort to see it disappear. But most people also don’t know that their belly fat contains adult stem cells capable of healing almost anything. They can regrow tissue, form a new breast for post-cancer reconstruction or regenerate skin and muscles of wounded soldiers.

Adult stem cells are the new medicine for the 21st century, and they have yielded far more successful trials and transplants than embryonic stem cells. One company has enabled the potential of adult stem cells to create a health solution for families and their futures. American CryoStem is the first stem cell bank to focus exclusively on adult stem cells isolated from adipose tissue, a.k.a. body fat.

It’s true – the extra pounds around your midsection can now be medically extracted by certified professionals in an American CryoStem provider’s office. These adult stem cells can be used not only to regenerate tissue, they can also reconstruct many types of injuries and defects. The real beauty is that adult stem cells are unspecialized, so they can be induced and guided to develop into specific nerves, bones, cartilage or organs.

With American CryoStem, collecting body fat at your participating local doctor’s office is a simple process requiring less than 30 minutes. The cells are then shipped to the American CryoStem laboratory facility and tested for sterility and cell viability prior to preparation for long-term cryo-storage, all within 24 hours. Individuals’ cell samples are continuously monitored through a secure chain of custody and can be retrieved at any point in the future for a variety of medical applications: skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, transplants and beyond. American CryoStem isn’t only offering long-term storage, it’s also offering a solution for thousands of people battling disease and affliction, a form of bio-insurance. Only your own cells offer a perfect genetic match alleviating any potential cellular transplant rejection.

Adult stem cell research originated 50 years ago with explorations into bone marrow for sufferers of leukemia. The adult stem cell field isn’t new, but its real potential is virtually untapped and coming to the forefront of the regenerative medicine market. As the first commercial pioneer in adult stem cell storage, American CryoStem also offers an attractive investment opportunity. American CryoStem is a publicly traded company and trades under the symbol (OTCQB: CRYO). For an investor information kit, go to investor-relations.

Ask your doctor about adult stem cell storage and the services of American CryoStem, Send any questions about adult stem cells or the process to Pre-enroll today to find out when a service provider becomes available in your area. Follow them on Twitter, @cryostem.

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