Adult Stem Cell Research Unlocking New Medical Potential

Throughout research labs and clinical trials across the country, adult stem cells are emerging to offer a variety of medical solutions. While some applaud the shift away from embryonic stem cells, others are still uncertain about the real applicability of adult stem cell research.

Despite the array of misconceptions and caution surrounding regenerative medicine as a whole, shocking and promising discoveries are being made about cell therapies. One such discovery is the ability to extract adult stem cells from body fat, cryogenically preserve them in a stem cell bank to capture your current cell age and use them for personal treatment later on.

This technology, offered exclusively by American CryoStem, was developed in response to the growing applications of adult stem cells globally. To be notified when American CryoStem services are available near you, pre-enroll at American CryoStem is a publicly traded company trading under the symbol (OTCQB: CRYO).

The Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine is growing entire organs in petri dishes using a patient’s own stem cells. Wake Forest doctor Anthony Atala has engineered ears, fingers and even pulsing, functional blood vessels.

Atala explains this technique, in which a patient’s cells are grown and placed on 3D biodegradable mold to create entire complex organs. After eight weeks of incubation and growth, the new organ is ready for a transplant with no possibility for rejection.

In Colorado, a leading spine surgeon successfully performed a lumbar disc procedure using adult stem cells to reverse the disc degeneration and regrow disc cartilage. The preclinical trial offers an alternative to artificial disc replacement and spinal fusion surgeries for sufferers of debilitating back pain.

Researchers are also exploring adult stem cell treatments to improve cardiac function after a heart attack. A hospital in Wales cured blindness from varying levels of cornea damage; researchers in Europe saved a man’s life by growing him a new windpipe; doctors in Cincinnati replaced a child’s missing cheekbones – all using personal adult stem cells. To learn more about regenerative medicine or stem cell applications, go to

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