Jazz Up Your Gifts On a Dime

<b>Jazz Up Your Gifts On a Dime</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Half the gift is in the packaging. Few things do more to set the atmosphere than shiny, bow-wrapped presents spilling from beneath a sparkling tree. But tight budgets leave little room for professional gift-wrapping, and not all of us can wrap gifts like Martha Stewart.

Luckily, it doesn’t take a fine arts degree to produce packages that win oohs and aahs.

– Plan Ahead. Stock up on gift wrap and other accessories. Check out discount stores, such as Dollar General, for everyday value on wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows and gift bags. Always be on the lookout for sales on these items. Post-holiday sales provide great opportunities to stock up on wrapping essentials. Pick neutral colors, and you’ll be ready for birthdays and other events as well as the winter holidays.

– Get Crafty. Make your own gift wrap from old newspapers or brown wrapping paper, and dress the gift up with colorful ribbon and bows.

– Gift Baskets. Gift baskets or care packages allow you to put an extra special touch on your gift. Ideas for creative gift packages include candy, food, free samples you’ve collected throughout the year or a gift card assortment for favorite restaurants or shops. Arrange your items in a basket, bowl or another type of container, and adorn with ribbon, ornaments or candy to create a festive gift.

– Scrapbooking. Use your knack for scrapbooking to wrap a gift, or give a scrapbook as a gift. Easily adorn a photo with scrapbooking photo corners, and paste the picture onto the package. This will create a personalized gift the recipient will always treasure.

– Theme Gifts. Create a theme for your gift. For example, give a movie lover a popcorn bucket filled with a bag of microwavable popcorn, a DVD and some candy for an easy gift under $20. Or, for the baker in the family, fill a mixing bowl with a bag of brownie mix, a can of frosting and a spatula, and you have a delicious gift for under $10.

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