Safety Is Top of Mind for Homeowners Faced With a Pest Infestation

<b>Safety Is Top of Mind for Homeowners Faced With a Pest Infestation</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – According to a national survey released by DuPont, protecting family, pets and property is top of mind for homeowners dealing with pest infestations. Forty percent of respondents replied they were most scared of potential bug bites or stings, and another 35 percent were most troubled by the damage to their home or lawn caused by bugs.

The survey also found that the majority (70 percent) of homeowners are concerned about the safety of pest-control products and want to handle insect invasions in a manner that poses no threats to themselves, their family or pets. The good news is that consumers don’t have to choose between pests and pesticides. Today’s pest-control options provide homeowners with effective pest management in and around their homes with low impact on their families, pets and the environment.

“DuPont’s survey mirrors the priorities I have as a parent and homeowner and what I hear from others when it comes to bug control that’s both effective and environmentally friendly,” said Lisa Quinn, a nationally recognized home and garden expert. “My advice is to leave it to a professional to correctly diagnose and treat any bug problem you may have in your home or yard and to ask for high-performing, low-impact products like those recently introduced by DuPont.”

For consumers looking for a local pest-control professional, Quinn recommends a visit to the Web site, which is sponsored by DuPont. Simply enter your ZIP code, and the Web site provides a list of nearby pest-control and lawn-care professionals who control pests in an environmentally friendly way. also provides information about environmentally smart professional pest-control products and application techniques not available to consumers.

If you’re thinking about attacking your pest problem with a homemade bug-control remedy, think again, because you’re likely to be disappointed. According to the survey, over half (52 percent) of those who tried homemade solutions to eliminate bugs responded that their efforts were not very effective. And keep in mind that homemade remedies may cause more harm than good to your lawn or your home. The best course of action is to exercise caution and use a professional who uses only EPA-approved professional products and is trained in their proper handling and application.

While calling a professional to take care of any bug problems may be the best course of action, not surprisingly, 66 percent of homeowners reported that the first thing they do when they see a bug is squish it!

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