Make Pool Maintenance Mindless, Eco-Friendly

<b>Make Pool Maintenance Mindless, Eco-Friendly</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Most people want to enjoy their pools, not spend time maintaining them. And with today’s busy schedules, it’s easier than ever to make mistakes, like running pool equipment too long or letting the water go green — and not in the eco-friendly sense.

But automating pool functions can save up to 75 percent of a pool’s annual energy costs, while also reducing chemical use and maintenance time. Pool owners can customize pool functions to their schedule. For example, someone may set their pool’s filter pump to run longer or more often on weekends, when the pool experiences heavier use.

The pool experts at Hayward offer the following tips for Americans looking to enjoy their pools with minimum effort and maximum savings:

– Replace your pool’s filter pump. A pool pump may be your home’s second or third largest energy consumer after air conditioning units. But a multi-speed, energy-efficient pump can save up to 75 percent on your pool operating costs. Hayward recommends its Tristar 2-speed pump or Variable Speed pump that features up to eight programmable speeds. Owners can further reduce energy consumption by setting each action’s time, speed and duration, or setting the pump to work during off-hours.

– Use a robotic cleaner. A robotic cleaner can quickly pay for itself, saving up to 94 percent of the energy used by a pressure cleaner and booster pump. The best models, like the TigerShark, use little energy themselves, operate independently from other pool functions and shut off after cleaning.

– Are you still flipping switches? Save energy by managing your pool and spa functions with automation. The new OnCommand automatic pool controls can be retrofitted to your pool for less than the price of your next big-screen TV. Program and control up to 4 functions such as your multi-speed filter pump, booster pump, pool/spa lights, heater or pool cleaner.

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