Is Hard Water Eroding Your Budget?

<b>Is Hard Water Eroding Your Budget?</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Rusty, calcified pipes and water heaters cost families money on reduced water-flow efficiency and repairs. The culprit? Hard water. And it affects 85 percent of U.S. homes.

Hard water is caused by a buildup of calcium and magnesium, which water picks up from sediment and rock before entering your home. The more of these dissolved minerals your tap water contains, the harder the water. Hard water can lead to scaling and rust on plumbing fixtures and pipes and reduce the lifespan and effectiveness of appliances. Additionally, soaps and detergents lather poorly with hard water, so family members use more than needed. It all adds up to household funds going down the drain.

To combat the costly effects of hard water, Nature’s Own Sodium Chloride Cubes with Resin Clean and Nature’s Own Sodium Chloride Cubes with Rust Fighter were specifically developed to transform water conditioning to water care. Developed to return hard water to the clean, clear state of purity nature intended, they provide multiple benefits for home, health and the environment.

Nature’s Own Sodium Chloride Cubes with Rust Fighter is specially formulated to protect pipes and appliances from discoloration and mineral buildup, which can lead to higher energy use, costly repairs and maintenance. Nothing works harder to remove residue and help household appliances last longer and operate more efficiently.

Nature’s Own Sodium Chloride Cubes with Resin Clean helps extend the life of water softeners by keeping resin beads cleaner, longer. The result is purer water, which leads to softer skin and hair and brighter clothes, and significantly cuts detergent and soap use by up to 55 percent. Less detergent means fewer harmful chemicals and carbon emissions are released into the environment. A priceless benefit we can all enjoy.

Made with high-purity salt, both products are safe for use in any softener. They’re two in the complete line of Nature’s Own water care products, all designed with the unique needs of every home in mind. Visit to learn which product is right for you.

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