Some Say She’s the Best Female Vocalist Since Janis Joplin

(NewsUSA) – What does it take to become the best female vocalist since Janis Joplin? You might insist that a voice of such caliber takes years of vocal lessons. But Emily Armstrong, lead singer of the rock ensemble Dead Sara, is the exception.Armstrong didn’t take voice lessons — she and her best friend, Dead Sara’s lead guitarist Siouxsie Medley, took raw rock ‘n’ roll talent and made a band out of it using their own music label, Pocket Kid Records.But Armstrong’s voice has been stacked up alongside the likes of Stevie Wonder, Melissa Etheridge and, yes, Janis Joplin.Some think Armstrong is the driving force behind the L.A.-based group. As written in O.C. Weekly, "There are a lot of reasons to check out Dead Sara; blazing, impassioned classic rock; punk/indie jams; catchy guitar melodies; songs about not backing down. But there’s a more pressing reason than all that: singer Emily Armstrong’s loud, intrepid voice."Armstrong has even been complimented by Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, who told The Wall Street Journal she admires Armstrong’s "strong, urgent sound."But critics and music experts love to wax eloquently about emerging artists and bands to watch. The real test is what Dead Sara’s fans — old and new — think of Armstrong and her vocals on their self-titled debut album, which is set to drop in April.Is she really the best female vocalist since Janis Joplin? You be the judge. Many of the group’s singles are already getting radio play, such as "We Are What You Say" and "Weatherman." Armstrong’s vocal dexterity can even be heard on YouTube, where official videos are available for "Sorry For It All" and "Weatherman," the LP’s first single.Behind Armstrong’s vocal talents, Dead Sara’s album is the first record to be distributed through the partnership between Pocket Kid Records and Universal/Fontana Records. Pocket Kid Records is owned by Interact-TV, a public company (OTC PINKS: ITVI).The band is currently booked on tours with The Used and Chevelle and the 2012 Warped Tour. Find more information at, or check them out on Facebook and Twitter. They actually respond to messages and wall posts and, they’ll Tweet back. Learn more about PKR at

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