Secure Future Health With Stem Cell Storage

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Do you wish you could preserve your younger, healthier stem cells to help heal you in case of tragic accidents, diseases or conditions later in life?
One company with revolutionary technology has made it not only possible but also affordable to invest in your future health by turning your fat into stem cells. American CryoStem is the first-ever adult stem cell bank that exclusively cryogenically preserves your more youthful adult stem cells that could save your life.
Over 40,000 Americans have benefited from adult stem cell transplants. Over 8,000 families have saved their children’s lives by storing the umbilical cord blood containing adult stem cells.
Adult stem cells are unspecialized cells capable of self-renewal and becoming tissue- or organ-specific cells. The field of regenerative medicine is here; its possibilities are limitless, as seen in the treatments and therapies available globally, yet it’s highly under-utilized in the U.S.
American CryoStem is the only company offering a service as groundbreaking as adult stem cell storage from body fat. After making an appointment, the fat is collected at a local doctor’s office that provides American CryoStem services in a simple process taking less than 30 minutes.
American CryoStem’s clinical laboratory then isolates the stem cells from the body fat, and the sample is immediately tested for sterility and cell viability. Afterwards, the sample is prepared for long-term storage and secured at a FDA compliant cryopreservation facility.
By making this initial health investment, patients are providing themselves with a potential solution in the event of contracting over 100 life-threatening diseases. For families with a history of diabetes, heart disease or neurological disorders, stem cells may offer treatment options unavailable to others. Patients can use donor stem cells, but it’s possible their body will reject the foreign cells. Minorities have less than a 10 percent likelihood of finding a cellular match.
To be notified when services become available in your area, pre-enroll with American CryoStem at today. To learn more, visit or talk to your doctor. American CryoStem is a publicly traded company trading under the symbol (OTCQB: CRYO). For an investor kit, go to

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