Over-the-Counter Reading Glasses

<b>Over-the-Counter Reading Glasses</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Chances are, you’ve heard someone blame their poor vision on old age. Although this statement holds some truth, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

As the eye ages, its lens hardens and loses the ability to shape, making it harder to focus on nearby objects. Many adults will eventually develop this condition. Known as presbyopia, most cases become noticeable around age 40 and continue to worsen until age 60 — which leads to the notion that old age causes bad eyes.

Other factors can also lead to vision problems, so adults experiencing vision changes should discuss all of their symptoms with their doctor, as well as any life changes, medications or supplements. A basic eye exam is all you need to diagnose presbyopia.

Luckily, presbyopia treatments are easy and inexpensive. Many patients don’t even need prescription glasses. Over-the-counter reading glasses are safe, effective and affordable.

“Reading glasses assist the natural lens in focusing on nearby objects by doing some of its work,” explains ophthalmologist Dr. Ernest Sutcliffe.

Dr. Sutcliffe recommends Magnivision glasses, which come in 300 styles and are available at drug stores, mass retailers and supermarkets nationwide. Magnivision glasses offer quality acrylic lenses designed to reduce distortion.

The company even makes reading sunglasses, for those who want to read at the beach or anywhere else outdoors. Magnivision SunReaders combine the protection of sunglasses with enhanced magnification. The bottom segment of the lens magnifies while providing maximum UVA/UVB protection.

No one can prevent presbyopia, but taking certain actions can help protect vision. For example, scheduling regular eye exams, controlling chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, wearing protective eyewear during sports and in the sun and eating a nutritious diet can help maintain eye health. Using adequate lighting while reading or doing other close-up work can also help ease eyestrain.

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