NFL Superstar and Family Tackle High Blood Pressure

<b>NFL Superstar and Family Tackle High Blood Pressure</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb and his parents, Sam and Wilma McNabb, know that good health is key to staying in the game. They are raising awareness of high blood pressure (HBP), a serious condition that impacts Mr. and Mrs. McNabb — and about one in three U.S. adults.

The McNabbs are working to spread the word about, a one-stop destination for learning more about HBP risks. With one mouse click, visitors can access an information-rich Web site featuring a compelling video and helpful tools to guide discussions with their physicians about HBP diagnosis and treatment. In addition, they can easily share the educational information with others via links to online vehicles such as Facebook and Twitter.

Usually lacking symptoms, HBP impacts approximately 74 million U.S. adults. Of those, 22 percent are unaware of their condition. Uncontrolled HBP is a leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease and is linked to a higher risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke.

When Sam and Wilma McNabb were first diagnosed with HBP, they began eating healthier and exercising regularly. However that wasn’t enough to get their condition under control. They worked with their physician to include medication with lifestyle changes in their treatment plan and managed to get their blood pressure levels to a healthier range.

“I learned that even if you feel fine physically, getting your blood pressure checked regularly, watching what you eat, and taking your medication are important steps to help maintain a healthier blood pressure,” says Wilma McNabb, who serves as president of the Professional Football Players Mothers’ Association and works with Novartis, sponsor of the 1 in 3 People campaign, to raise HBP awareness, along with her family. “The Web site is a great resource to get the facts and know the risks of high blood pressure.”

Join the McNabbs in doing your part to raise awareness of a serious condition that should no longer be ignored. Visit, then share the information with others.

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