Spruce Up Your Fall Wardrobe for Less

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – As the temperatures get colder, families start packing up their shorts and sundresses and pulling last year’s warmer garments from boxes. And inevitably, many of last autumn’s clothes no longer fit or are too worn.
Replacing entire wardrobes can create unneeded stress, but there are ways to dress the whole family without breaking the bank.
* Look for versatile wardrobe staples. Women and girls should build their wardrobe with a nice skirt or dress, dress pants, jeans, sweaters and a jacket. Men and boys need khaki pants, jeans, sweaters and collared shirts.
* Skip fancy department stores. You’ll save time and money by shopping at your local discount retailer. You’ll find inexpensive basic apparel, often for less than $16 apiece.
* Look for deals on denim. Everyone in your family is going to want several pairs of jeans, and those price tags can add up quickly. There are inexpensive lines available today that still offer quality and value. Dollar General sells Bobbie Brooks 5-pocket stretch denim for women, starting at $12, and Open Trails denim for men, starting at $10.
* Stock up on basics. Fall is the perfect time to assess your undergarments. Toss old or ill-fitting underwear, t-shirts and socks. Replace these pieces inexpensively with value packages of underwear and socks, which can be found at your local discount retailer.
* Find fun, useful accessories. Scarves, hats and gloves allow you to express your personality or embrace the newest trends in colors and patterns without breaking the bank. Better yet, they can help dress up wardrobe staples that will last for years, so you won’t spend money on a jacket or dress that will be unwearable by next fall.
* Sell old clothes. If your children are still growing, chances are there are some gently used, outgrown items taking up closet space. Take old clothes to a consignment store or thrift shop to make a little extra money to put towards updating their wardrobe.
For more information on the fashions available at Dollar General, visit www.dollargeneral.com.

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