New Laundry Detergent Packs Produce Less Waste

<b>New Laundry Detergent Packs Produce Less Waste</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Believe it or not, your laundry machine creates quite the environmental impact. Washing and drying cycles consume a considerable amount of water and energy — according to EnergyStar, the average family washes 400 loads of clothing each year, using 13,500 gallons of water.

And that’s before you consider that conventional laundry detergents contain phosphates, which can destroy water ecosystems. Luckily, companies have developed unconventional laundry detergents that will clean clothes without damaging the environment.

For example, Pak-It, LLC has developed a six-times concentrated liquid laundry detergent in a dye-, scent- and enzyme-free formula. The detergent, which is biodegradable and does not contain phosphates or chlorine, comes in tiny, pre-measured “toss and go” dissolvable packs that prove far more convenient than pouring and measuring.

Because there are no bottles, Pak-It doesn’t produce empty containers that will end up in landfills. Smaller containers are more efficient to ship because more can fit in a truck or plane. The Pak-It cleaning packs have received the EPA “Design for the Environment” certification, a program that awards companies whose goal is to reduce pollution risks and maintain a healthy environment for all people.

And even better, the laundry detergent actually works. It’s tough on dirt, easy on clothing and completely dissolves without leaving any residue. Each pack contains a unique blend of surfactants, stain removers, water softeners, brighteners and odor eliminators.

Pak-It laundry packs work in all washers at all water temperatures and on all fabrics and colors, leaving the entire family with soft, clean clothes.

Pak-It, LLC, a subsidiary of JBI, Inc., with 42 products, currently uses its patented Pak-It(TM) water-soluble liquid packets to deliver concentrated glass cleaner, disinfectant, and many essential multi-purpose cleaning products for numerous diverse applications.

For more information, visit or JBI, Inc. trades on the OTC under the stock symbol: JBII.

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