Reinventing Swimwear for Women

(NewsUSA) – Sunglasses: Check.Sunblock: Check.Swimsuit: Uh-oh!The sun is out, and the surf is up, but women everywhere can be found in front of full-length mirrors facing an age-old dilemma, thinking: "What swimsuit can I possibly pull off with my body type?"The bathing suit hunt is nothing less than discouraging. When met with most store’s racks crammed with handkerchief-size designs with bottoms that slip down and tops that ride up, women truly get the short end of the stick when it comes to summer swimwear.That is, until now. Launched in 2009, Ohio-based designer Debbie Kuhn is bursting onto the market with a new concept that is a twist and a blend of the tried and true: Girltrunks. Kuhn designed the two-piece suits because the traditional swimsuit market offered nothing that covered the legs.After accepting an invitation for a summer holiday in Montana that was to include tubing down the Madison, Kuhn found herself in a futile search in many a store for an appropriate outfit for the river excursion when she was struck with the perfect solution: "Why don’t I pair a tankini top with swim trunks?" She did just that. "It was a day in time I remember vividly. I felt so liberated, in swimwear of all things, and I wanted to share that feeling with other women."The trunks fit like finely tailored Bermuda shorts and are available in two leg-covering lengths. They are made of a quick-drying polyamide fabric with mesh lining that dries almost instantly, unlike many traditional women’s bathing suits. To complete the look, two top styles are offered in chic prints. All are available in sizes 4-24.Like the slogan "Reinventing swimwear for women," Gilrtrunks delivers a sense of confidence women so desperately lack during bathing suit season. But the suits don’t just flatter — they’re versatile, too. Swimming, visiting water parks, biking, hiking, jogging or just simply strolling the beach, Girltrunks lend themselves perfectly to any activity.Short to tall, skinny to plus-sized, apple to pear, teenager to grandmother; women no longer are forced to be swathed in the excess of a cover up. Comfortable, stylish and taking in the joys of summer — that’s you, girlfriend, in Girltrunks.Visit to learn more about Girltrunks.

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