Home Computers and Your Budget

<b>Home Computers and Your Budget</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Those Americans who are still without home computers can find themselves at a disadvantage. Children need computers to complete their schoolwork, and adults who are unable to check their e-mail at home miss important workplace information.

One mother was shocked to learn that one of her children’s after-school activities required online registration. “I had to go to a public library just so my son could bring a project to the county fair.”

Some people might fear that they lack the money to purchase a home computer. But computers are more easily available than many people think.

Used, refurbished computers provide one option and can be purchased well below the price of a new machine.

But some companies allow people to finance computer purchases. One company, Pay by the Day (www.abuckaday.com), lets people pay as little as a few dollars a day towards a new, brand name computer.

Consumers can purchase IBM desktops and monitors, Toshiba notebooks and Lexmark printers, along with other electronics, online. After a simple credit check, Pay by the Day sends the item to the purchaser’s home with no money down. Pay by the Day will approve customers without -; or with negative -; credit history.

Consumers decide how much money they will put toward their computer purchase at each payment. If they come into some extra cash, people can put larger amounts toward their new item without penalty. Pay by the Day doesn’t have hidden fees. After a customer makes their final payment, they own their new computer.

Using Pay by the Day can help people correct or create positive credit, too. Customers pay the company through automatic withdrawals from their bank account, so they don’t have to worry about missing or forgetting to mail paper bills.

In slowly paying off their computer purchase, people might improve their credit history, eventfully allowing them to take out larger loans on future purchases.

For many Americans, living without a home computer is no longer an option. But if people finance their electronic purchases, they can buy the new computer that they need without breaking the bank.

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