Why Pam Anderson Says She Won’t Use Uber

Don’t expect Pamela Anderson to be using her fame to endorse Uber or any other app-based, ride-hailing service any time soon.

The former “Baywatch” beauty is out with a new public service announcement (PSA) called “The Driving Game!” that slams the ride-hailing industry. As an homage to the classic TV game show, “The Dating Game,” Anderson plays a passenger grilling three male contestants vying to drive her home, and — given the slew of Uber and Lyft drivers who’ve been accused of rape, murder, and other crimes across the country — you can understand why the two identified only as “Ride Hail App Drivers” come off as something akin to dates from hell.

¿Desea tomar el camino menos transitado? Aquí le explicamos cU+00F3mo

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – En las rutas con paisajes puede haber caminos complejos divertidos, pero es totalmente diferente a navegar por la vía; no olvide estos consejos para mantenerse seguro y evitar quedar atrapado.
–ObstU+00E1culos simples: cuando estU+00E1 pensando conducir en arena, nieve o lodo, desinfle sus neumU+00E1ticos para mejorar la tracciU+00F3n, disminuyendo las huellas de los mismos. Mantenga el momento y si sus ruedas comienzan a girar en la arena o en la nieve, disminuya un poco la velocidad. Si estU+00E1 en el lodo, mantenga las ruedas girando para ayudar a limpiar el lodo de los neumU+00E1ticos.
–ObstU+00E1culos complicados: cuando se acerca a grandes rocas, troncos o zanjas durante su viaje en rutas externas, tU+00F3melos en un U+00E1ngulo, para que solo un neumU+00E1tico esté en el obstU+00E1culo, mientras los otros tres se mantienen al nivel del piso para maximizar la tracciU+00F3n. Coloque un neumU+00E1tico en el obstU+00E1culo, luego conduzca despacio para ayudar a proteger el chasis de su vehículo.
–Colinas: siempre piense en un plan de escape en caso de que su viaje no resulte según lo esperado. Sin embargo, puede aumentar sus probabilidades de conducir de manera segura en las colinas, si se aproxima recto hacia ellas para obtener mayor tracciU+00F3n en las cuatro ruedas. Utilice la velocidad mU+00E1s alta posible para subir la colina cU+00F3modamente.
Pearse Umlauf, Presidente y Gerente General de Jeep Jamboree, dice que tener los vehículos y neumU+00E1ticos correctos, permite tener experiencias incomparables en la carretera. “Las Jeep Jamborees son para fines de semana de aventura en rutas externas que hacen que las personas pongan los pies sobre la tierra, para que disfruten de sus Jeep 4×4 al aire libre”, dijo Umlauf, quien trabaja en la coordinaciU+00F3n de operaciones para el uso seguro y mantenimiento de los vehículos para rutas externas en EEUU y el mundo.
SeñalU+00F3 que los neumU+00E1ticos BFGoodrich serU+00E1n los neumU+00E1ticos oficiales de la Jeep Jamboree en el 2017.
Cuando estU+00E1 listo para ir al campo, Del Albright, salU+00F3n de la fama de los deportes de motor todo terreno, y BFGoodrich Performance Team Expert, tienen 50 años de experiencia en manejo con neumU+00E1ticos en caminos. “El neumU+00E1tico todo terreno T/A KO2 es mi favorito, con un diseño fuerte y duradero que lo hace ideal para los conductores todo terreno que desean probar sus vehículos o que solo disfrutan el campo”, dijo. Albright también es un defensor a tiempo completo de la conservaciU+00F3n y preservaciU+00F3n de los caminos para el uso de los conductores todo terreno. Uno de sus caminos favoritos, el camino Rubicon en Lake Tahoe, California, estuvo en riesgo de cierre debido a la erosiU+00F3n; sin embargo, Albright liderU+00F3 a un grupo de voluntarios para que repararan los lugares con problemas y preservaran el camino para los conductores todo terreno y otras personas que disfrutan del aire libre. Algunos de sus otros caminos favoritos incluyen: el Rausch Creek Off-Road Park (Pennsylvania), el San Hallow State Park (Utah) y el camino Hatfield-McCoy (Virginia occidental).
Para obtener mayor informaciU+00F3n sobre BFGoodrich y de aventuras en ruta, visite www.bfgoodrichtires.com

Want to Take The Road Less Traveled? Here’s How

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Off-road driving on scenic, challenging trails can be fun, but it’s completely different than cruising down the road; keep these tips in mind to stay safe and avoid getting stuck.
–Soft obstacles: When you plan to tackle sand, snow, or mud, deflate your tires to improve your traction by decreasing the tire footprint. Maintain momentum, and if your wheels start spinning in the sand or snow, ease off the gas a bit. In mud, keep the wheels spinning to help clear the mud from the tires.
–Hard obstacles: When you approach large rocks, logs, or ditches during off-road driving, take them at an angle, so only one tire engages the obstacle and the other three remain on level ground to maximize traction. Place one tire on the obstacle, then drive over it slowly to help protect the underside of your vehicle.
–Hills: Always have an escape plan in case your trek doesn’t turn out as expected. However, you can increase your odds of safely taking on hills by approaching them straight on for maximum traction to all four tires. Use the highest gear possible to comfortably take the hill.
Having the right vehicles and tires makes for an unparalleled off-roading experience, according to Pearse Umlauf, president and CEO of Jeep Jamboree. “Jeep Jamborees are off-road adventure weekends that bring down-to-earth people to enjoy their Jeep 4x4s in the outdoors,” said Umlauf, who works to coordinate operations for safe use and maintenance of off-road vehicle trails in the U.S. and worldwide.
He noted that BFGoodrich Tires will be the official tire of Jeep Jamboree in 2017.
When you are ready to head to the backcountry, Del Albright, Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Famer, and BFGoodrich Performance Team Expert, has 50 years driving experience with tires on trails. “The All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire is my tire of choice, with a rugged, durable design that makes it ideal for off-roaders who want to torture test their vehicles or just enjoy the backroads,” he said. Albright also is a longtime advocate for conservation and preservation of trails for off-roading use. One of his favorite trails, the Rubicon Trail in Lake Tahoe, California, was at risk for closure due to erosion concerns, but Albright helped lead a group of volunteers to fix the trouble spots and preserve the trail for off-roaders and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. Some of his other favorites include Rausch Creek Off-Road Park (Pennsylvania), San Hallow State Park (Utah) and the Hatfield-McCoy Trail (West Virginia).
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Water Testing for Household Well Owner Easy as 1-2-3

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Testing one’s drinking water can be intimidating to a household well owner, but it can be easy if you know a few basic steps, says the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).
Following these three steps can help the well owner get appropriate tests for contaminants that might present a health risk — or create taste, odor, or appearance problems:
1. Determine what you should test for in your water
2. Obtain a reliable water test
3. Get an interpretation of your test results so you can take any appropriate action.
An excellent place to start in learning more about these three steps is the NGWA website, www.WellOwner.org.
What to test
NGWA recommends that well owners test annually for bacteria, nitrate, and anything of local concern. Contaminants of local concern can be naturally occurring, such as arsenic, or manmade, such as chemicals or heavy metals from industrial or waste sites.
Most county health departments do some water testing, and many well owners are within reasonable distance of a drinking water testing lab. Both are good places to start in finding out what might be of local concern.
Getting a water test
Knowing where to start in getting a water test need not be difficult. Go to www.WellOwner.org and click on the “Water Testing” tab near the top of the page.
Next, use these buttons:
* “Click for county health department contact info” — This takes you to a webpage where you can access contact information for local health departments nationwide. Ask your health department if it tests water, and, if so, for what and how much it costs.
* “Find a certified testing lab”
— This takes you to a map where you can navigate to your state agency webpage to obtain information about certified drinking water testing labs.
Interpretation of your water test results
For an interpretation of test results, start with the agency or lab that did the testing. If you need additional help, www.WellOwner.org links to an online water test interpretation tool located under the “Water Testing” tab. Type the values from your water test results into the appropriate fields in the online tool and it will provide an explanation of the results — usually including the risks to health, any warranted actions, and appropriate water treatment technologies.
Visit www.WellOwner.org to learn more about water testing, well maintenance, water treatment, and groundwater protection.

Got Tech Neck? Here’s Some Advice.

(NewsUSA) – It’s called "tech neck." But to really understand the stress you’re putting on your neck every time you look down at some wireless device -; think texting, for example -; just imagine four 15-pound bowling balls sitting atop your head.Done imagining? Doctors of chiropractic, who regularly consult on issues including spinal alignment and proper posture, have some important advice for you. Watch the video at: http://youtu.be/JVigUgq-Wmc 

How Safe Is Uber? It Depends on Gender

Modern luxury executive car on a white background

It’s shorthand for the potential danger faced by women using app-based, ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. And if you’re already dismissing how dangerous it can be, you’ve obviously missed the rash of headlines like these from across the country.

• “Uber Driver Charged With Rape Ordered Held After Dangerousness Hearing” (Boston Globe, August 2016)

• “Police Had Tip That Lyft Driver Charged With Sexual Assault Planned To Flee Country” (Dallas Morning News, November 2015)

• “Police: Uber Driver Returns to Rape, Burglarize Passenger at Her Home” (FOX-TV New Orleans, January 2016)

Riding While Female: The New Peril in the Age of Uber

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Riding while female.
It’s the new shorthand for the potential danger faced by women using app-based, ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. And if you don’t understand just how dangerous many say it can be, you’ve obviously missed the slew of headlines like these from across the country:
* “Uber Driver Charged With Rape Ordered Held After Dangerousness Hearing” (Boston Globe, August 2016)
* “Police Had Tip That Lyft Driver Charged With Sexual Assault Planned to Flee Country” (Dallas Morning News, November 2015)
* “Police: Uber Driver Returns to Rape, Burglarize Passenger at Her Home” (FOX8-TV New Orleans, January 2016)
* “Fake Uber Driver Arrested After Brutal Sexual Assault of Passenger in Westlake: LAPD” (KTLA-TV Los Angeles, April 2016)
That’s right, per that last headline, we’ve now reached the point where bad guys are actually posing as Uber drivers in order to lure unsuspecting women into their cars.
“With the alarming number of alleged sexual assaults involving ride-hail app drivers, it’s urgent that we bring this issue to the forefront of conversations,” says Delilah Rumburg, CEO of the nonprofit National Sexual Violence Resource Center.
To that end, the organization has allied with another nonprofit, the National Limousine Association (NLA), which — in calling for a “Passenger Bill of Rights” last year as part of its “Ride Responsibly” initiative — has been at the forefront of a nationwide movement to subject drivers for the Ubers of the world to the same rigorous criminal background checks as those behind the wheels of taxis and limos.
And now, upping the ante, both have enlisted none other than Pamela Anderson — yes, the former “Baywatch” star — to make their case in a Public Service Announcement. “You can’t always vet the driver you are using,” she says in “The Driving Game!” video, “but the service you are using should.”
Whether even Pam will be enough to steel the backs of politicians up against formidable opponents in the ride-hailing industry in general, and Uber in particular, remains to be seen. The main sticking point: forcing the industry to finally start spending the extra bucks to fingerprint their drivers instead of relying on what NLA President Gary Buffo dismissively calls “the perilously incomprehensive background checks” Uber and its ilk continue to defend.
Just how formidable is the ride-hailing industry?
Well, a few months after Uber and Lyft pulled out of the Austin, Texas, market last May, rather than comply with new fingerprinting regulations that voters had just endorsed, the issue came up again in Massachusetts. Boston, you understand, had been experiencing a rash of alleged sexual assaults by Uber drivers that left women on edge. Even so, lawmakers were unable to muster the votes needed to include a fingerprinting requirement in the statewide law that ultimately passed.
“It’s really frustrating when you see these attacks happen over and over again,” State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry, who favored fingerprinting, tells the Boston Globe. “It’s hurtful to the victim and hurtful to the community.”
“When,” she adds, “is it going to stop?”

Family Friday Destination: Try This TV Trio

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Family time can be scarce these days, with activities and distractions pulling parents and kids in every direction. But a family-friendly television network, INSP, wants to change that. In an increasingly polluted television environment, they are one network trying to offer a breath of clean air.
Building its alternative one show at a time, INSP recently kicked off “Destination Fridays,” a trio of programs that are appropriate for audiences of all ages. “State Plate,” starring Taylor Hicks (of American Idol fame), is the newest original series to join INSP’s Friday lineup. Each episode features the cuisine of a particular state. During the show, Hicks visits farms, ranches, markets, festivals, and other diverse and unusual locales as he assembles a plate of the most popular foods in each state.
For example, viewers can expect to learn about crab cakes in Maryland, peach treats in Georgia, potatoes in Idaho, and chili in Texas, along with the interesting history and often humorous stories behind each state’s food traditions.
Joining “State Plate” on Fridays is “Handcrafted America.” Host Jill Wagner journeys across the country, introducing viewers to unique, gifted, and entertaining artisans who preserve and build on traditional skills as they make arts and crafts the old-fashioned way – by hand.
“Destination Fridays” kicks off each week with “Cash Cowboys.” The show features Scott Cozens, a journeyman electrician- turned-lawyer, and Sheldon Smithens, a third-generation antiques dealer and auctioneer. Together, the pair rummage through barns, basements, attics, sheds, flea markets, and more in search of hidden treasure, sporting their signature cowboy hats and Western gear. The hook: They will buy anything — from motorbikes to folk art memorabilia — in hopes of turning a profit.
But these cowboys aren’t just about the money; they have a passion for the past, the thrill of the chase, and the surprise of the unexpected gem. From the producers of “American Pickers,” the series has tested well with INSP’s core family audiences, and promises to entertain fans of antique and “picker” shows as well.
“Destination Fridays” begins at 8:00PM ET each week with “Cash Cowboys”; “State Plate” follows at 9:00PM ET, and “Handcrafted America” at 9:30PM ET. For more information, visit insp.com.

Save Time and Money With a Mail-Order Pharmacy

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News –
Patients with medical prescriptions who fail to fill or take their medication properly can have serious health implications. According to a survey from the American Medical Association, approximately 25 percent of new prescriptions are not filled, and approximately half of patients don’t take their medicines.
People cite several reasons why they don’t fill their prescriptions or take their medication. Mail-order pharmacies, such as the service available from Humana, are one way to address this problem. Another study conducted by The American Journal of Managed Care, showed that patients who used a mail-delivery pharmacy were more likely to follow their treatment plan than those who did not.
A mail-delivery pharmacy has many benefits, including 90-day prescriptions, which help to reduce the frequency of refills. This option is especially beneficial for those with chronic conditions who might be taking multiple medications.
A 90-day prescription fill is often more cost-effective than a typical one-month supply.
Another benefit of mail-order pharmacies is convenience. The medication can be delivered to a home or office, which is convenient for those with busy work schedules or who are unable to visit a pharmacy for other reasons. Most new prescriptions arrive in 1 to 2 weeks, and refills take 5 to 7 days. Medicine and supplies are delivered in unmarked, heat-safe, tamper-resistant packaging with free standard shipping.
“Mail-delivery pharmacy is a win-win solution for people who lead busy lives and want to follow their doctor’s treatment plan, especially for people who need simplicity in how they purchase their prescriptions,” says William Fleming, president of Humana Pharmacy Solutions. “Studies have shown that more than half of consumers buy items online. Mail-delivery pharmacy is a method of purchasing prescriptions that aligns with how they live their lives.”
“By simplifying their lives, we are able to improve affordability and access to medications which should yield better health outcomes,” he adds.
Many mail-delivery pharmacy providers also provide additional benefits, such as online ordering and mobile apps that allow users to order refills, track shipments, and receive medication reminders.
As for safety concerns, mail delivery orders are checked by a pharmacist before shipment, and data suggest that mail-delivery pharmacies such as Humana Pharmacy are approximately 23 times more accurate than retail pharmacies. Patients also have the opportunity to consult a pharmacy team from the privacy of their own homes.
For more information and details about how to use a mail-order pharmacy, please visit www.humanapharmacy.com

It’s My Way or the Highway: Uber, Lyft Face Off Over Fingerprinting in Texas

Magnifying Glass with finger prints on white background.

Even some Sunday school teachers are subject to it. So why are Uber and Lyft so averse to having their drivers fingerprinted that they just suspended service in a major U.S. city?

While fingerprints are widely considered the best way to weed out potential criminals, checking them costs more than simple name-based background reviews, which the app-based ride-hailing companies have fought hard to continue using across the country.

So shortly after the Austin, Texas, City Council, voted last December to require the companies to use fingerprinting anyway for public safety reasons, Uber and Lyft spent $8.6 million on a campaign blitz — described as full of “dicey misdirections” in the city’s largest newspaper — to get voters to overturn the regulations.