zulily Helps Moms Navigate the “Fourth Trimester” in Style

(NewsUSA) – Watching a new baby explore his or her world during those first few months can bring so much joy to motherhood. Those first three months, coined the "fourth trimester," present new challenges often to be figured out in a sleep-deprived state. Finding clothes that are comfortable, functional and stylish can lead to a serious wardrobe dilemma for many new moms.To address this, zulily, the online retailer obsessed with bringing moms special finds every day, is sharing insider tips, direct from their maternity and fourth-trimester experts. Fashion solutions for new and expectant moms include:* Simplify: Steer clear of big prints, shiny fabrics, or anything that adds bulk. Solids and darker colors are flattering to changing bodies, and are easy to mix and match with pre-pregnancy wardrobe staples.* Useful Nursing Apparel: For nursing or pumping moms, clothing that’s easy to care for and comfortable is key. Stock several styles of nursing bras to accommodate fluctuating sizes, and consider stretchy or snap-down tank tops and surplice styles.* Adjustable Apparel: Wrap tops are another popular choice for nursing moms. Wrap dresses are classic, comfortable, and adjustable for special occasions during the post-baby period and beyond.* Shapewear: Many new moms appreciate the comfort and support of seamless tops and compression leggings for their changing figures. Shapewear, such as zulily’s popular Belly Bandit, offers support to the belly, waist, and hips.From now until the end of March, zulily is hosting a Fourth-Trimester Closet Concierge, giving new moms direct access to ask for fashion advice. "Our maternity team saw the need to provide a special service to new moms who can be overwhelmed and strapped for time," explains Robin Otto, zulily maternity expert and merchandising manager. "We wanted to help these women navigate those first several months with ease, so that they can look and feel their best."The Fourth-Trimester Closet Concierge is a unique service that connects moms directly with zulily’s maternity style experts via the company’s Facebook Messenger chat. Their experts address post-pregnancy fashion and style concerns, ranging from what to wear for special occasions, to the most flattering silhouettes for any woman’s body type.After the close of the concierge service, moms can still find a wealth of maternity and fourth- trimester options by visiting www.Facebook.com/zulily, Facebook Messenger, or by visiting www.zulily.com/maternity 

Libraries Are Not Just About Books Anymore

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Parenting is one of the most important jobs a person can undertake.
Although it is often said to be the most rewarding, it can also be difficult, lonely and, at times, overwhelming.
Adding to the struggle is the need to find activities that are engaging, fun and educational for both child and parent.
Many families are discovering that their local library meets many of these needs. This is especially true if it happens to be part of the 450 libraries nationwide that comprise the Family Place Libraries network, a place that boasts welcoming, age-appropriate, interactive play areas and programs, parent groups, resources, and, of course, books.
Family Place Libraries are a network of children’s librarians nationwide who believe that literacy begins at birth, and that libraries can help build healthy communities by nourishing healthy families.
“The Family Place Libraries initiative is transforming how libraries work with young children and their families — from the librarians themselves, to the parents, to early childhood specialists,” says Kathy Deerr, National Coordinator Family Place Libraries. “And it is transforming entire libraries.”
In late 2012, Middle Country Public Library, the facility that created Family Place Libraries, was awarded a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The grant’s goal was to look at this model as a vehicle to effect institutional change as it relates to early childhood and family support in public libraries.
A three-year evaluation of this grant by Nagle & Associates, a full-service national consulting firm, supports Deerr’s statement.
This study follows 28 libraries implementing the Family Place Libraries model. The evaluation found positive changes in children’s librarians’ knowledge, attitudes and practices; children’s services; and attitudes toward children’s services. The evaluation also found positive changes in parents’ perceptions of libraries.
“Parents who made connections to their local libraries came to deeply appreciate and use the library as part of their support network,” according to the evaluation.
“The Family Place Libraries changed how librarians view their role,” Deerr says. “They are really early childhood and parent supporters. These libraries are more interactive and meet family needs of playful early learning, parent engagement and connecting to resources.”
For more information, visit www.familyplacelibraries.org.

Protecting Your Kid’s Identity Is Every Parent’s Responsibility

Child identity theft is on the rise and can go largely undetected for years. With the Gabriel app, you don’t have to worry about your children’s future because your children’s ID is protected from any third party and will remain safe and secure.

Content:    If only we could protect our kids from the world around them. Along with the normal worries any parent has for his or her child, you can add child identity theft to the list as well.

How to Protect Your Kid’s Identity Now

Much ado has been made about protecting your personal information lately (Thank you, Apple and the FBI, for bringing this issue center stage.) And, according to techies who follow such trends, it would seem that many people are starting to take notice—especially when it comes to protecting their children’s privacy using encrypted communications.

The argument against encryption goes something like this: it allows those who would do your children harm to “go dark.” While that may be true, encryption is also a powerful tool that can help protect your children from those same predators, as well as bullies and others who want to harm them. In short, encryption is not just for privacy and security, but also for personal safety and peace of mind.

How to Bring Movie Magic Home for the Whole Family

(NewsUSA)Blazin Buffalo Potato Skins

1. Blazin’ Buffalo Potato Skins

It’s the big-game weekend and you’re hosting. You want something bold, flavorful, and better for you. Get recipe here.Nutty Tapenade

2. Nutty Tapenade

Dips are an easy way to feed the crowd. Here’s a lighter option that is just as creamy and rich as ever. Get recipe here.Spicy California Quesadillas

3. Spicy California Quesadillas

This twist on a classic appetizer will fill you up, while still packing a ton of nutrients. Get recipe here.Sun-dried Turkey Meatballs

4. Sun-dried Turkey Meatballs

You know protein is king when it comes to feeling full, so why not pack a one-two punch by adding Blue Diamond almonds? Get recipe here.Almond Cupcakes

How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain from Backpacks

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If you’re like most parents, you remember sending your kindergartener off to school with a backpack bigger than they were. While your child may be able to shoulder it, students are now weighed down more than ever by these cumbersome packs.

Which is why, say experts, more kids than ever before are complaining about back and neck pain. With school starting up again, a likely reason for the complaints is the heavy load they’re carrying (and we’re not talking about classes), with everything from textbooks to laptops to musical instruments crammed inside.

Kids Willing to Step Up to Help Aging Parents, Study Finds

Do you wonder if your kids will have your back when you’re older? Apparently the answer is a surprising yes.

That’s the good news in a conversation many people are having these days — around aging parents — that comes courtesy of the third biennial “Fidelity Investments Family & Finance Study.” Less heartening is that nearly 4 in 10 families seem to be suffering from what can only be described as — hats off to “Cool Hand Luke” for this — a failure to communicate.

Family vacation at the beach

Let’s start by paying homage to at least certain offspring and giving them their due credit:

What to Look for in a New House This Home Buying Season

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Mortgage rates have remained low, and home prices are stable or rising in most communities.
A September 2015 poll by NeighborWorks America discovered that nearly 90 percent of consumers consider home ownership at least somewhat important. Guarantee your home ownership success by following these guidelines from NeighborWorks America:
1. Get professional help.
The best way to learn what you need to know about buying a home is to meet with a nonprofit housing counselor. Look for a certified professional who can explain the different mortgages and interest rates, the effect of credit scores on loan approval, how much down payment is needed for purchase and how much home you can really afford.
“The housing market is tough right now, with fewer homes for sale on the market than usual, and new mortgage rules and many mortgage products to choose,” said Marietta Rodriguez, vice president for homeownership and lending at NeighborWorks America. “To be in the strongest position to make an offer that is accepted, consumers have to be prepared. That’s where initial consultation with a housing counselor is vital, even before meeting with other professionals involved in the process.”
To see a video describing more about the numbers to know, click here.
2. Build a budget.
Smart consumers approach home ownership with a budget, but surveys show that less than one-third of potential buyers have one. Start with a budget that includes potential changes in commuting costs, home maintenance expenses and even life changes, such as becoming a parent or paying for college. “Once all the numbers are on the table, it’s easier to see what type of home suits a family’s budget and needs, what might be necessary financial trade-offs and what could be a direct line to trouble,” said Rodriguez.
3. Be determined, not desperate.
A winning bid on the wrong home can spell trouble. A bidding war could weaken your determination to find the right home while pushing the limits of your budget. Moreover, sellers know that desperate buyers may avoid inspection contingencies.
“Forgoing a home inspection to move up a place in the bidding process could be costly down the road if problems and defects with the home arise. NeighborWorks recommends that homebuyers have a home inspection, and know as much as possible about the inside of a home as the outside,” added Rodriguez.

Is Your Home As Childproofed As You Think?

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – It happens more often than we like to think.
Nearly seven times a day, some young child is rushed to the emergency room after being burned — or worse — from having stuck something as innocuous as a paperclip into an electrical outlet, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Ah, but being the diligent parent you are, you’re sure those plastic outlet caps you installed for childproofing purposes will keep your own kids safe, right?
Not so fast.
A study conducted by Temple University found that it took less than 10 seconds for 100 percent of children ages 2 to 4 to remove them from sockets. And that should scare you for an additional reason.
“It poses a choking hazard for small children,” says Brett Brenner, president of the nonprofit Electrical Safety Foundation International (Esfi.org), which promotes electrical safety in homes and workplaces. “And because plastic caps do need to be removed for the outlet to be functional, there’s the inherent safety threat of forgetting to recover the outlet when it’s no longer in use.”
Brenner, as it turns out, also has a problem with the less-popular sliding receptacle covers. “They’re no match for the impressionable minds of children, who can learn to defeat the devices by watching their parents plug objects into them.”
So what does he recommend? The same technology — called tamper-resistant receptacles — was deemed so effective that it’s actually been required in hospital pediatric care facilities for more than 20 years. But it remained something of a trade secret until its use was finally mandated in all new home construction under the National Electrical Code in 2008.
To look at them, TRRs appear to be ordinary outlets — a blessing for those who consider plastic caps a bit of an eyesore — but they’re specifically designed with spring-loaded receptacle cover plates that close off all openings or slots. Only by simultaneously applying pressure to both sides do the cover plates open to allow standard plugs to make contact with the receptacle contact points.
“Without that simultaneous pressure,” Brenner explains, “the cover plates remain closed, preventing the insertion of foreign objects and thus protecting children from painful, traumatic electrical injuries.”
The best part may be that the added safety will only run you 50 cents more than a standard electrical outlet, though TRRs should only be installed by a licensed electrician.
But getting back to that opening U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission statistic — know that of those nearly seven children a day:
* 89 percent are under 6 years old.
* 50 percent are 2 to 3 years old — the highest risk group.
* Boys are most at risk, regardless of age.
Definitely not something we like to think about.

Gift Ideas for Dads and Grads

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It may be the only holiday on the calendar that rhymes.

We’re alluding to a multi-week span of celebrating both “Dads and Grads,” in which Father’s Day shares the spotlight with all those hardworking students who are jubilantly tossing mortarboards into the air — and somehow you have to come up with gifts to celebrate the hard work of both.

Two things are certain: Dad doesn’t need (or necessarily even want) another tie, and gold pens for grads are about as passe as teaching penmanship in school.

Here are more ideas to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing: