E-Wallet App Protects Family Debit Card Number

(NewsUSA) – Many families have a single debit or credit card shared among several individuals, including teens and college students who may lose track of purchases, buy from unsecured websites, or access money without clearing the amount with parents.These problems may do more than cause friction in the family; they can put the family credit at risk if a card number is stolen or a card is misplaced.A simple solution: Prepaid credit cards with unique one-time-use numbers distinct from a family’s debit card number and bank account.One example of the latest in prepaid card technology is MovoCoin.Users of the MOVO e-wallet app can create digital prepaid cards on the spot in exact denominations for specific purchases. MovoCoin was developed by MovoCash, a financial technology company that offers an all-in-one app and platform for safely sending and spending money.Individuals with a MOVO account can create a MovoCoin that functions as a single-use Visa card for a specific amount for a fee of 50 cents per MovoCoin.Users can create MovoCoins for a variety of uses, including managing bills, shopping online, placing food orders, and paying ride-sharing services.MovoCoin can also be used for everyday transactions, such as buying gas or groceries to protect access to a permanent debit card.Each MovoCoin has its own identification number and provides not only instant value, but also an extra layer of security, because the permanent card number is never shared in a transaction.If a MovoCoin number is stolen, it is worthless, and has no impact on a permanent MovoCash account balance or permanent card number.To generate a MovoCoin, users of the app select the Movo account, then choose the MovoCoin option, entering the desired dollar amount for a purchase, bill payment or other transaction.The unique MovoCoin number is generated and the transaction occurs with no link to the user’s primary account information.The MOVO Prepaid Visa Card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (Member FDIC), pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. "Metropolitan Commercial Bank" and "Metropolitan" are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank 2014.To get started with MovoCash’s secure e-wallet app, visit https://movo.cash

Youth Learn the Dollars and Cents of Agriculture this Fair Season

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – For students around the country, summer vacation may be in full swing, but for many, that hasn’t kept them from learning – especially those interested in a career in agriculture.
For the sixth consecutive year, National 4-H Council has partnered with CME Group, the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, to bring the Commodity Carnival experience to more than 100 state and county fairs in the Midwest.
Commodity Carnival is an interactive learning activity that guides participants through a three-step process of producing and selling livestock: grow your livestock, sell your livestock and win a ribbon.
The game aims to build greater literacy in agricultural science and economics, as a crucial element of our economy, to youth at state and county fairs. Beyond the fairgrounds, students can also participate through the mobile companion app, Risk Ranch.
“We hope that breaking down these complex topics for kids in a fun way will encourage more students to pursue future careers in this industry,” says CME Group Managing Director of Agricultural Products Tim Andriesen.
“Agriculture has played a vital role in CME Group’s long history and business today. We’re proud to help educate its future leaders on the basics.”
CME Group and 4-H first collaborated in 2013, driven by the same mission to prepare future generations of farmers and food producers with respect to risk management in agriculture.
In its five-year history, Commodity Carnival has reached nearly 325,000 students in person, including over 72,000 participants last year alone.
“Through our partnership with CME Group, young people are learning about risk management in agriculture while cultivating important life skills like responsibility and critical thinking,” says National 4-H Council President and CEO Jennifer Sirangelo.
“When they face challenges, succeed and win a ribbon, young people learn that hard work – in agriculture and beyond – can be both enjoyable and rewarding.”
To learn more about the Commodity Carnival, Risk Ranch and see a list of more than 100 fairs participating this season, visit www.cmegroup.com/4hcarnival.

Crowdfunding Opp Opens Door to Invest in Music Innovation

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – DigiTrax Entertainment, Inc., a pioneer in the music technology industry, is offering forward-looking investors a chance to get involved in the future of music.
The signature DigiTrax technology, known as The Music Builder platform, involves the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help musicians create new music and to analyze existing music to avoid copyright infringements.
The company is leveraging seven granted patents and is continuing to develop software products that will change the way people and companies create music.
“DigiTrax Entertainment is far from a neophyte in the music creation and distribution space,” DigiTrax CEO Joseph Vangieri says, referring to the company’s 15,000-song hits catalog and professional distribution API, which already generates revenue.
“Our expertise in the machine learning and artificial intelligence sectors will allow our platform, The Music Builder, to extend our capabilities, and the capabilities of music creators and copyright owners everywhere, far beyond where they are now,” Mr. Vangieri says.
“We want to leverage our patents in the music artificial intelligence and analysis field to disrupt the music industry in much the same way that digital photography and computer graphics imaging (CGI) disrupted the film and gaming industries – by putting powerful and transformative tools that help automate music creation and analysis into the hands of everyday people,” Vangieri explains.
The Knoxville, Tennessee-based company has opened an initial investment round on an equity crowdfunding platform. The platform, SeedInvest, is designed to allow access to venture capital and angel investing opportunities to anyone who wants to get involved with promising companies at an early stage.
“It’s a great opportunity to be among the one percent of vetted applicants to be accepted to SeedInvest,” Vangieri says.
DigiTrax Entertainment, Inc. is offering securities under Regulation CF and Rule 506(c) of Regulation D through SI Securities, LLC (“SI Securities”). The Company has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with its offering, a copy of which is available on the SeedInvest portal at: https://goo.gl/5QtqGs.
The company offers convertible notes with a $5,000 minimum investment on SeedInvest.
For more information, visit the DigiTrax profile on the SeedInvest portal at https://goo.gl/5QtqGs.

Everything Newlyweds Should Know about Coupling Finances

Turns out that “coupling” doesn’t just mean “pairing” in the traditional sense, but is also a catchphrase when it comes to finances. As we head into wedding season, it’s especially relevant. Because as much as you may think no two people have ever been more in love than you are, the truth is that it could be less than smooth sailing ahead if you’re not on the same page when it comes to financial matters.

“Couples have a very hard time talking about money,” Joan Atwood, a Hofstra University professor of marriage and family therapy, bemoaned on an NPR “Money Coach” segment on the issue. “I would say it’s the last taboo.”

Music Innovation Company Scores Spot in Global Competition

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – DigiTrax Entertainment, a music technology company pioneering the use of artificial intelligence for the music industry, has taken semi-finalist honors in the Association of Chinese Professionals of Atlanta and US China Innovation Alliance’s InnoSTARS competition in Atlanta, Georgia.
The InnoSTARS Competition provides an opportunity for innovative United States companies to connect with potential investors and partners from China.
The semi-finalists will have the opportunity to make regional contacts in Chinese technology hubs and obtain valuable global perspective and feedback on their products.
DigiTrax Entertainment CEO Joseph Vangieri and CTO Marcus Matusiak made the winning presentation at the InnoSTARS competition, which earned DigiTrax the unique business opportunity to travel to China later in 2018.
The DigiTrax team will present the company to potential investors in the areas of artificial intelligence and music creation and production.
The InnoSTARS participants will visit 19 Chinese cities with established business climates conducive to innovation and technology.
“That the Association of Chinese Professionals of Atlanta and the US China Innovation Alliance have honored DigiTrax with this win represents an important step forward for us,” Mr. Vangieri says.
The opportunity to visit China allows the company to expand its pool of potential investors and explain how “its unique approach to artificial intelligence in the music field is both effective and potentially highly lucrative,” Mr. Vangieri says.
Accredited investors seeking more information about the company can visit Digitrax’s SeedInvest portal at https://goo.gl/o7u61w.
What sets DigiTrax apart is its unique use of artificial intelligence to simultaneously address the major challenges facing the music production industry: time, money, and personnel.
Music Builder, the DigiTrax flagship musical technology platform, allows users to create, produce, and distribute music efficiently and cost-effectively, without the need for an extensive team of production specialists.
In addition, DigiTrax uses AI technology to help musicians easily compare songs and parts of songs to determine whether their original work has been plagiarized.
The Knoxville, Tennessee-based company owns seven patents in music artificial intelligence and machine learning, and boasts an extensive catalog of musical content.
For more information, visit themusicbuilder.com.

Coupling Finances: What All Newlyweds Should Know

(NewsUSA) – Coupling finances.It’s a catchphrase that’s been described as perhaps the first "I do" for newlyweds, and it’s especially relevant as we head into wedding season. Because as much as you may think no two people have ever been more in love than you are – hey, look at the size of that engagement ring! – the truth is that it could be less than smooth sailing ahead if you’re not on the same page when it comes to financial matters."Couples have a very hard time talking about money," Joan Atwood, a Hofstra University professor of marriage and family therapy bemoaned on an NPR "Money Coach" segment on the issue. "I would say it’s the last taboo."Ready to break it? Read on.* Set common goals. You probably discussed this in a dreamy sort of way while dating. You know, a large house with a swimming pool … yearly vacations. But turning those reveries into reality requires habitually saving to pay for them and finance your later retirement years – not to mention deciding whether both partners contribute equally or based on salaries."The median ages for brides and grooms are 29 and 31, respectively, these days," said Andrew Peterson, a vice president at Fidelity Investments (fidelity.com). "So while people may come into a marriage with their own assets, they need to take some time after the wedding to sit down and start getting organized as a couple."* Be transparent. There’s no law that says you have to put all your cash into a joint savings account – some couples do, some don’t – but at the very least you’d be "less than truthful" by not divulging any outstanding debts. And then figuring out, together, how to pay them down.* Safely store your information. Quick: What’s your new spouse’s Social Security number? And what other vital information don’t you know if a sudden need arises?Exactly.To truly mark your financial coupling, you might consider using an online service like FidSafe.com that lets you store, access and share all your new family’s important records and documents anywhere via a web browser or iOS app.Not only is it free and simple to use with handy checklists, but even before it was officially introduced two years ago by Fidelity – Get it? "Fid Safe" – Barron’s magazine gave the service five stars for being what it called "the first cloud-based safe deposit box we’ve seen that’s secure enough to organize everything from financial statements, insurance policies, and real estate records to a will, IRA benefits, and even passwords.""With all the other things on their to-do lists, newlyweds typically don’t focus on all the important financial and other documents they need to begin married life on a solid footing," said Peterson. "This makes things easier for them from the start, as well as through the years as they have even more joint documents to retain – including those related to perhaps buying a house and having children."You get up to 5GB of storage, which leaves plenty of space left over once you download your new marriage license and the receipt for that engagement ring.* Investigate this option. Do you both get health insurance through your employer? Congrats. You may have just saved yourselves some money if it works out it’s less expensive for one of you to be on the other’s plan rather than pay for both. 

New AI Platform Protects Musicians’ Work

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Any music artist – regardless of his or her level of fame – will tell you that chief among their many concerns about the business is guarding against copyright infringement and protecting the work.
DigiTrax Entertainment, a leader in the use of artificial intelligence in the music industry, recognizes this and has found a way to harness the analytical power of AI to help protect musicians from copyright infringement.
The new DigiTrax product, Music Fact Reports, can act as a personal CSI lab for forensic musicology, according to Joseph Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment.
“We believe Music Fact Reports will be a major step forward for rights holders,” Mr. Vangieri says in a statement announcing the launch of Music Fact Reports.
The Music Fact Reports program helps individual musicians by saving them the hassle, time, and expense of hiring a professional forensic musicologist to conduct an analysis before deciding whether a copyright infringement case is worth pursuing with a lawyer.
The program also can be used by copyright lawyers to evaluate the strength of potential cases, and by publishers seeking to confirm the originality of a contracted musical work.
The Music Fact Reports program works on the power of artificial intelligence by extracting sequences from pieces of music and comparing them to other works using music theory-based algorithms.
“We are working towards a future in which analyzed sequences of data for all copyrighted pieces of music are stored in a database that can be accessed and searched to detect levels of extrinsic similarity instantly,” says DigiTrax Chief Technical Officer Marcus Matusiak in a statement announcing the Music Fact Reports launch.
The Music Fact Reports program is currently being used by attorney Richard Wolfe of Wolfe Law in Miami, Florida, to pursue a copyright-infringement case involving instrumental music.
“I think the technology is cutting-edge for purposes of identifying substantial similarity in two pieces of music in terms of rhythms, beats, and extrinsic similarity,” says Mr. Wolfe.
To promote the launch of the Music Fact Reports program and showcase its potential, DigiTrax engineers have developed Music Fact Reports for the top 10 copyright infringement cases of all time, Mr. Vangieri says.
Visit MusicFactReports.com for the reports on the Top 10 music-copyright-infringement cases, and for more information about how DigiTrax helps protect musicians.

New Job Benefits Could Provide Employees Relief from Student Debt

When joining a new company, there are often perks to consider: a company car, maybe a 401(k) plan.

With Millennials now making up the lion’s share of the workforce, a number of companies are betting that helping to pay off student debt is the next game-changer when it comes to attracting and retaining the best and the brightest.

It’s not a bad wager. Total education debt stood at a staggering $1.52 trillion at the end of March. And while the perk is by no means reserved only for millennials, it’s not lost on anyone that the average student loan borrower will have graduated this year saddled with more than $37,000 in debt.

The Latest Job Benefit Helps Employees Pay Off Student Debt

(NewsUSA) – What perk would most entice you to accept one job offer over another?A company car? (How Boomer-like of you.) A 401(k) plan? (Pretty common these days.)With Millennials now comprising the largest share of the workforce, a growing number of companies are betting that offering to help pay off student debt is the next game-changer when it comes to attracting and retaining the best and brightest.It’s not a bad wager. Total education debt stood at a staggering $1.52 trillion at the end of March. And while the perk is by no means reserved only for Millennials – hey, even 4 percent of those 45 and older are still in the hole, according to the Pew Research Center – it’s not lost on anyone that the average student loan borrower will have graduated this year saddled with more than $37,000 in debt."It stood at about $600 billion 10 years ago," MarketWatch.com reported.One of the companies facilitating the new benefit is the same one – Fidelity Investments – that already handles millions of workers’ 401(k) plans. Businesses enrolled in its Student Debt Employer Contribution program are able to make after-tax contributions on their employees’ outstanding student loans, setting their own parameters as to "who" and "how much" with the help of a modeling tool for estimating their potential recruitment and retention cost savings."This is a new and relevant benefit that gives companies a competitive advantage to hire top talent," said Asha Srikantiah, vice president of emerging products at Fidelity (fidelity.com), noting that the average contribution for most companies is about $100 a month, although it can be as high as $800 monthly in some cases. "It also enables employees to pay off their debt faster, which in turn allows them to focus on other priorities – including buying a home, raising a family, and saving for retirement."Among the "early adopters" Fidelity says it’s teaming up with to offer the benefit: tech giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise; the rail industry’s New York Air Brake; financial firms Millennium Trust and OCC (The Options Clearing Corporation); and Ariel Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors used in the global natural gas business.In fact, more than just being a "facilitator" for others, Fidelity helped trail blaze this brave new world by having begun offering its own employees a student debt program back in 2016. To date, more than 8,900 of its workers have received the benefit, paid directly to their loan service provider, with some pretty impressive numbers to show for it: a total of $22.5 million in savings on principal and interest, and 34,625 years of loan payments shaved off.The company is also taking what it calls "a holistic approach" to the student debt issue by offering open access to its website’s Pre-College Planning Resources, which can help avoid the pitfalls of incurring too much debt, and its Student Debt Tool that lets individuals view all their student loans and repayment options in one place.A deal recently inked with student debt refinancing platform Credible.com now also integrates student debt refinancing into the Student Debt Tool, allowing employees enrolled in the program to receive actual pre-qualified rates from more than 10 refinancing lenders without affecting their credit scores."The idea is to help more Americans take control of their debt so they can better save and invest for the futures," said Stephen Dash, Credible’s founder and CEO. 

AngelPay Returns Wealth and Power to the Creators of Value

(NewsUSA) – In a world full of aggressive financial services companies, it’s refreshing to find a payment processor with a global reach that you can trust.Enter the AngelPay Foundation, a nonprofit payment processing company. The AngelPay team originally invented the first secure, scalable, and reliable Internet payment processing platform called Authorize.Net back in 1996.Today, they provide the same tools and service, but they believe operating as a nonprofit helps to restore trust and integrity to the industry. It also gives the team an opportunity to give back to the merchant community that has been good to them over the years."Over the past couple decades, we’ve seen a lot of companies resort to shady tactics to satisfy shareholder demands. If you’re operating as an aggressive for-profit company in this industry, there are just too many temptations to exploit your customers," says Ferris Eanfar, AngelPay’s CEO."The credit card payment processing industry has not always treated merchants fairly, and we realized we could do something about that," says Jeff Knowles, AngelPay’s CTO.Payment processing can be a challenge for businesses large and small, nonprofits, and artists who need to accept credit cards. AngelPay recognizes that many merchants feel exploited by their existing payment processors, but they don’t know where to go.To this end, AngelPay believes that merchants can benefit from its payment processing program for the following reasons:A Solution for Merchant Pain. AngelPay developed their "Pay-What-You-Can" pricing structure and "Emergency Contract Triage" program. "The Triage program started out as a way to add a little levity to the lives of our merchants, but we’ve been surprised at how many merchants have taken it seriously," says Eanfar. The programs help merchants manage their costs more effectively, in addition to revealing how they’re being exploited by other payment processors.Simplicity. One of the things that differentiates AngelPay from other payment processors is the simplicity of its fees and nonprofit cost structure. Anybody who has ever implemented credit card processing for their company knows that the complex fees of most processors can be frustrating.Proven Experience. AngelPay was launched several years ago after the team sold Authorize.Net, but AngelPay has grown quickly and its mission – "Return wealth and power to the creators of value" – seems to be resonating with the merchant community. Given the cost advantages, it makes sense that merchants would choose a veteran team operating as a nonprofit provider over more aggressive financial companies that may not have their customers’ best interests at heart.To learn more about AngelPay, visit: https://AngelPayHQ.org