How to Succeed in Selling Your Business

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – As a larger proportion of the American population reaches retirement age, the issues of wealth transfer and asset management become even more prominent.
“The largest transfer of wealth in history is now underway, and it is in the form of established operating businesses owned by Baby Boomers,” according to a white paper by C2C Business Strategies, LLC, a business management and consulting organization specializing in business transitions.
Baby boomers and their transition advisors will face several challenges over the next several decades.
Some tips to make the most of the transition include:
– Prep work: Many baby boomer business owners have given little or no thought to the transition process, and they may find themselves unable to sell the business when they want to. Most financial consultants recommend a lead time of three to five years to prepare a business. Meanwhile, as more baby boomers seek retirement, the surplus of businesses available for sale may reduce business values.
– True value: Survey findings of business owners suggest that many overestimate the value of a business because they are basing estimates on projections or future orders rather than the current cash the business is generating.
– Good advice: Baby boomers looking to sell their business can benefit from a skilled transition advisor to guide and direct the process. Advisors can help business owners decide on a realistic price and determine a sale structure that works for both buyers and sellers.
As in the case of a real estate agent negotiating a home sale, a business advisor will find the right buyer for a business and will work with the buyer and seller until the transaction is complete.
Tips for business owners to help ensure a smooth sale include:
– Good housekeeping: Make sure all financial information is current and in order. Time is essential once a business-sale transaction is underway, so don’t slow down the process by scrambling for information.
– Flexible financing: Data show that sellers who accept financing terms receive, on average, 86 percent of their asking price, compared with 70 percent for those who will only accept cash. An advisor can help sellers evaluate financing terms to maximize sale prices.
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Ultimate Life Hack for Managing Your Money after the Wedding Day

(NewsUSA) – While your love may know no bounds for your spouse, things can get a little more tricky when talking about finances.Financial issues are one of the most cited causes of conflicts in a marriage, and financial problems, including debt and disagreement about money management, are among the top issues in divorce as well.Merging your life, including your financial life, with someone else’s can be challenging, but setting up a solid financial plan early in marriage can help preserve harmony and nip money conflicts in the bud. Data from Ameriprise Financial show that at least one-third of couples disagree about money at least once a month on topics including savings and discretionary spending.Fortunately, today’s technology offers new options to help couples navigate shared and individual finances. More American couples now maintain separate bank accounts instead of, or in addition to, joint accounts, and the latest banking apps offer flexibility, security, and ease of use. MovoCash is one example of a digital payment card platform that offers consumers with a variety of financial life hacks as alternatives to traditional banking services. Anyone in the U.S. can open an FDIC-insured MOVO card account that is easy to use and doesn’t require gold-plated credit.MOVO’s easy design offers a simple financial strategy for couples: each partner can open a separate account for immediate spending needs and personal discretionary purchases, and the couple also can maintain a joint account for major expenses such as savings, bills, and home expenses. Purchases and payments can be made quickly and directly from a phone.In addition, funds can be transferred instantly between MOVO accounts, and the system allows for direct deposits to manage incoming paychecks and outgoing payments. The MOVO card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, so that cuts down on the use of credit cards and the potential debt of credit-card bills. The app helps users track transactions and monitor balances, making it easier to avoid overspending and stick to financial goals while leaving room for each partner’s pleasure purchases.For more information about MOVO’s mobile banking options, visit you married with MOVO? Contact and tell us how you use it, and you have a chance to be featured in a future article.

AI Meets Hip Hop in Innovative Music Partnership

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – DigiTrax Entertainment, a pioneer in the music technology industry, brings its artificial intelligence (AI) expertise to the popular hip-hop segment.
With the introduction of KR38R Beats, a unique AI product specifically geared to the hip-hop artist, DigiTrax recognizes the importance of hip-hop music and how it is a great fit for AI technology. The company has paired with Spotlite, a popular and established singing performance app, to create “Rapping with the Robot,” a contest for aspiring hip-hop artists.
The contest is scheduled to begin on Thanksgiving Day and end on New Year’s Eve.
Prizes include an all-expenses-paid recording session, with professional production and distribution across all major platforms.
“We focused our AI on the most relevant segment of music in today’s streaming economy,” says Joe Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment.
“Hip-hop beats comprise one out of every three streams, and generate billions in revenue.”
The KR38R Beats product is based on the Music Builder program, DigiTrax’s unique and innovative technology that helps artists harness the power of artificial intelligence. Artists can feed ideas into the program, which then serves as a composing partner and allows them to create more songs more quickly.
Spotlite is a free, direct-to-fan singing app designed to allow amateur and professional vocalists to sing original music, covers, and karaoke across all musical genres.
“As a fan, you used to go out and buy CDs to support your favorite artist,” says Juan Munoz, general manager of Spotlite Media.
“With the change in how fans ingest content, Spotlite has not only allowed fans a new way to directly support their favorite artists, but the fans become the tastemakers. Through our contests, fans tell us who should truly be recognized for their talent,” he explains.
Other benefits of using artificial intelligence in creating original hip-hop music include greater profitability and protection for the users under copyright law.
“Because we own both the publishing and the sound recording that our AI has written,” Vangieri explains, “this gives us free reign to fully exploit both sides of a song – the publishing and the sound recording.”
DigiTrax plans to introduce several more contests in 2019 to showcase the way its technology is transforming how music is created and enjoyed.
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How This Startup Will Kill The Banner Ad

(NewsUSA) – It has been 25 years since the first banner ad hit the internet. Yet, while the web has changed nearly every other aspect of our society, the way companies advertise online is still stuck in the stone age.In fact, if you asked the average consumer to recall a banner ad from the last website they visited, don’t expect much. Why? Banner ads are notoriously tuned out by consumers because they don’t engage their attention and emotions.In addition, it’s much easier now for consumers to avoid these ads with blockers and DVRs.What does capture consumers’ attention? A good story.And savvy marketers are exploring new ways to use storytelling to attract and hold consumers’ interest and influence their behavior.This is more than a hunch. Science supports the power of emotions and stories to engage an audience.With this in mind, Pressboard, an online content marketing platform, believes that stories are the most powerful way for brands to communicate with consumers.When an individual hears, reads, or views a story, for example, it prompts an emotional connection. The brain releases oxytocin, the "feel-good" hormone associated with, among other things, sex and childbirth, that promotes a feeling of bonding and connection. Psychological research suggests that stories can influence an individual’s actions and inspire them to make choices and change a behavior in response to a story.Underscoring this concept, Pressboard launched an experimental website, titled, that offered users the chance to see pictures and videos of cats instead of banner ads. Not surprisingly, it proved popular, according to Pressboard CEO and co-founder Jerrid Grimm."Our not-so-secret goal is to help all companies market themselves through stories and in doing so, slowly rid the world of banner ads," says Grimm in an interview with Adweek."People just don’t like ads, not advertisers, not publishers and definitely not consumers," he notes.Meaningful content beats banner ads for communicating with consumers, according to Pressboard.To this end, companies such as Pressboard provide a platform to link brands with media publishers and track what stories resonate.Some tips for smart storytelling include:* Engaging emotions with a personal story, such as a triumph over adversity;* Developing a relationship with your audience by highlighting real people in your content, whether that’s employees or customers;* Using visuals that support the story and catch the reader’s eye;* Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open with your audience, making your brand more relatable;* Influencing public opinion of your brand by sharing the story on social media where discussion can happen.In the end, changing behavior is the Holy Grail for marketers; but equally important is the ability to forge emotional connections with readers.In this way, marketing companies can create a connection with their audience and turn them from interested parties to lifelong customers, in a way that no banner ad can match.For more information about harnessing the power of stories to make a brand memorable, visit

Aim for Compliance by Design, Not by Accident

(NewsUSA) – While a global economy is an advantage for many companies that operate internationally, compliance with the multitude of complex and ever-changing laws and regulations can be a burden to doing business, and the penalties of non-compliance can be severe. This is particularly true when it comes to environmental, health and safety (EHS) laws that can impact everything from public opinion and stock prices to your employees’ well-being and safety. As multinational companies are faced with heavy scrutiny by many different governments cracking down on importing and exporting violations, increased regulations and heftier fines, it is clear that businesses need to consider compliance as a key tool for surviving in a global economy.To underscore how costly non-compliance can be, a recent case study of one global steel company showed that EHS-related violations cost the company almost $2.7 million dollars over a five-year period. Compliance challenges for global businesses include not only the complexity and fast-paced changes of laws and regulations all over the world, but also tighter enforcement of these regulations, not to mention potential language and cultural barriers. An ongoing compliance management approach at a multinational company is a proactive and practical solution for businesses juggling the demands of sites around the world.Besides the wide scope of expert coverage, other advantages of an outsourced approach to EHS compliance include:- Increased Efficiency. Outsourcing the details of ever-changing compliance allows multinational companies to spend their time doing business rather than being bogged down in regulatory paperwork.- Cost savings. Companies that are not in compliance with overseas business regulations may lose money to hefty fines and even jail time. In addition, accidents as a result of noncompliance may lead to extensive legal fees and decreased shareholder value.- Industry insights. Compliance intelligence companies like Enhesa constantly monitor the latest developments in global business regulations to keep their clients up-to-date. In addition, Enhesa provides global businesses with blog posts, downloadable publications, articles and webinars about the latest news in EHS so they can plan accordingly.- Almost unlimited coverage. With more than 75 EHS regulatory analysts from more than 40 nationalities covering more than 285 jurisdictions, global companies can profit in many ways from Enhesa, as opposed to trying to manage their EHS compliance in-house.For more EHS-related news, tips and information about maintaining compliance with EHS regulations globally, visit

E-Wallet App Protects Family Debit Card Number

(NewsUSA) – Many families have a single debit or credit card shared among several individuals, including teens and college students who may lose track of purchases, buy from unsecured websites, or access money without clearing the amount with parents.These problems may do more than cause friction in the family; they can put the family credit at risk if a card number is stolen or a card is misplaced.A simple solution: Prepaid credit cards with unique one-time-use numbers distinct from a family’s debit card number and bank account.One example of the latest in prepaid card technology is MovoCoin.Users of the MOVO e-wallet app can create digital prepaid cards on the spot in exact denominations for specific purchases. MovoCoin was developed by MovoCash, a financial technology company that offers an all-in-one app and platform for safely sending and spending money.Individuals with a MOVO account can create a MovoCoin that functions as a single-use Visa card for a specific amount for a fee of 50 cents per MovoCoin.Users can create MovoCoins for a variety of uses, including managing bills, shopping online, placing food orders, and paying ride-sharing services.MovoCoin can also be used for everyday transactions, such as buying gas or groceries to protect access to a permanent debit card.Each MovoCoin has its own identification number and provides not only instant value, but also an extra layer of security, because the permanent card number is never shared in a transaction.If a MovoCoin number is stolen, it is worthless, and has no impact on a permanent MovoCash account balance or permanent card number.To generate a MovoCoin, users of the app select the Movo account, then choose the MovoCoin option, entering the desired dollar amount for a purchase, bill payment or other transaction.The unique MovoCoin number is generated and the transaction occurs with no link to the user’s primary account information.The MOVO Prepaid Visa Card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (Member FDIC), pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. "Metropolitan Commercial Bank" and "Metropolitan" are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank 2014.To get started with MovoCash’s secure e-wallet app, visit

Youth Learn the Dollars and Cents of Agriculture this Fair Season

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – For students around the country, summer vacation may be in full swing, but for many, that hasn’t kept them from learning – especially those interested in a career in agriculture.
For the sixth consecutive year, National 4-H Council has partnered with CME Group, the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, to bring the Commodity Carnival experience to more than 100 state and county fairs in the Midwest.
Commodity Carnival is an interactive learning activity that guides participants through a three-step process of producing and selling livestock: grow your livestock, sell your livestock and win a ribbon.
The game aims to build greater literacy in agricultural science and economics, as a crucial element of our economy, to youth at state and county fairs. Beyond the fairgrounds, students can also participate through the mobile companion app, Risk Ranch.
“We hope that breaking down these complex topics for kids in a fun way will encourage more students to pursue future careers in this industry,” says CME Group Managing Director of Agricultural Products Tim Andriesen.
“Agriculture has played a vital role in CME Group’s long history and business today. We’re proud to help educate its future leaders on the basics.”
CME Group and 4-H first collaborated in 2013, driven by the same mission to prepare future generations of farmers and food producers with respect to risk management in agriculture.
In its five-year history, Commodity Carnival has reached nearly 325,000 students in person, including over 72,000 participants last year alone.
“Through our partnership with CME Group, young people are learning about risk management in agriculture while cultivating important life skills like responsibility and critical thinking,” says National 4-H Council President and CEO Jennifer Sirangelo.
“When they face challenges, succeed and win a ribbon, young people learn that hard work – in agriculture and beyond – can be both enjoyable and rewarding.”
To learn more about the Commodity Carnival, Risk Ranch and see a list of more than 100 fairs participating this season, visit

Crowdfunding Opp Opens Door to Invest in Music Innovation

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – DigiTrax Entertainment, Inc., a pioneer in the music technology industry, is offering forward-looking investors a chance to get involved in the future of music.
The signature DigiTrax technology, known as The Music Builder platform, involves the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help musicians create new music and to analyze existing music to avoid copyright infringements.
The company is leveraging seven granted patents and is continuing to develop software products that will change the way people and companies create music.
“DigiTrax Entertainment is far from a neophyte in the music creation and distribution space,” DigiTrax CEO Joseph Vangieri says, referring to the company’s 15,000-song hits catalog and professional distribution API, which already generates revenue.
“Our expertise in the machine learning and artificial intelligence sectors will allow our platform, The Music Builder, to extend our capabilities, and the capabilities of music creators and copyright owners everywhere, far beyond where they are now,” Mr. Vangieri says.
“We want to leverage our patents in the music artificial intelligence and analysis field to disrupt the music industry in much the same way that digital photography and computer graphics imaging (CGI) disrupted the film and gaming industries – by putting powerful and transformative tools that help automate music creation and analysis into the hands of everyday people,” Vangieri explains.
The Knoxville, Tennessee-based company has opened an initial investment round on an equity crowdfunding platform. The platform, SeedInvest, is designed to allow access to venture capital and angel investing opportunities to anyone who wants to get involved with promising companies at an early stage.
“It’s a great opportunity to be among the one percent of vetted applicants to be accepted to SeedInvest,” Vangieri says.
DigiTrax Entertainment, Inc. is offering securities under Regulation CF and Rule 506(c) of Regulation D through SI Securities, LLC (“SI Securities”). The Company has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with its offering, a copy of which is available on the SeedInvest portal at:
The company offers convertible notes with a $5,000 minimum investment on SeedInvest.
For more information, visit the DigiTrax profile on the SeedInvest portal at

Everything Newlyweds Should Know about Coupling Finances

Turns out that “coupling” doesn’t just mean “pairing” in the traditional sense, but is also a catchphrase when it comes to finances. As we head into wedding season, it’s especially relevant. Because as much as you may think no two people have ever been more in love than you are, the truth is that it could be less than smooth sailing ahead if you’re not on the same page when it comes to financial matters.

“Couples have a very hard time talking about money,” Joan Atwood, a Hofstra University professor of marriage and family therapy, bemoaned on an NPR “Money Coach” segment on the issue. “I would say it’s the last taboo.”

Music Innovation Company Scores Spot in Global Competition

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – DigiTrax Entertainment, a music technology company pioneering the use of artificial intelligence for the music industry, has taken semi-finalist honors in the Association of Chinese Professionals of Atlanta and US China Innovation Alliance’s InnoSTARS competition in Atlanta, Georgia.
The InnoSTARS Competition provides an opportunity for innovative United States companies to connect with potential investors and partners from China.
The semi-finalists will have the opportunity to make regional contacts in Chinese technology hubs and obtain valuable global perspective and feedback on their products.
DigiTrax Entertainment CEO Joseph Vangieri and CTO Marcus Matusiak made the winning presentation at the InnoSTARS competition, which earned DigiTrax the unique business opportunity to travel to China later in 2018.
The DigiTrax team will present the company to potential investors in the areas of artificial intelligence and music creation and production.
The InnoSTARS participants will visit 19 Chinese cities with established business climates conducive to innovation and technology.
“That the Association of Chinese Professionals of Atlanta and the US China Innovation Alliance have honored DigiTrax with this win represents an important step forward for us,” Mr. Vangieri says.
The opportunity to visit China allows the company to expand its pool of potential investors and explain how “its unique approach to artificial intelligence in the music field is both effective and potentially highly lucrative,” Mr. Vangieri says.
Accredited investors seeking more information about the company can visit Digitrax’s SeedInvest portal at
What sets DigiTrax apart is its unique use of artificial intelligence to simultaneously address the major challenges facing the music production industry: time, money, and personnel.
Music Builder, the DigiTrax flagship musical technology platform, allows users to create, produce, and distribute music efficiently and cost-effectively, without the need for an extensive team of production specialists.
In addition, DigiTrax uses AI technology to help musicians easily compare songs and parts of songs to determine whether their original work has been plagiarized.
The Knoxville, Tennessee-based company owns seven patents in music artificial intelligence and machine learning, and boasts an extensive catalog of musical content.
For more information, visit