5 Ways to Cut Down on Stress During a Home Remodel

CleanRemodelCMaybe you’ve grown just sick enough of that 1970s avocado-green kitchen to update it to something more sleek and modern. Or perhaps it’s as simple as remodeling a bathroom. Whatever the room, home renovations can test even the most patient personality through the sheer chaos and mess that are inevitable.

To get through your renovation, organizing the clutter is key. The following tips should help you stay on top of the disorder.

Headache-Free Moving Advice: 3 Steps Closer to a New Home

No matter how many times you do it, moving doesn’t really get any easier. If you have a family, an action figure hobby or pretty much anything other than a minimalist lifestyle, the concept of packing up everything you own into tidy boxes is intimidating.

Unless friends and family can rally a fleet of large SUVs, trucks and plenty of muscle, most people have to hire professional movers. That investment alone can be a huge relief, but there’s still the packing and unpacking to contend with.

Check out the following moving advice inspired by the TLC Home network.

A Comedian’s Take on How to Live a Full Life

When you hear the words ‘walking dead,’ you may think of AMC’s hit zombie show “The Walking Dead,” but you don’t have to lack a pulse or crave human flesh to go throughout your life like a zombie.

The debilitating effects of depression assault 15 million Americans these days. By 2020, it’s estimated that depression will become the second most common health problem in the world. But depression isn’t the only issue preventing adults from feeling content each day – perhaps it’s a stagnant job, poor health, a loss of faith or countless other factors.

How to Prep Your Lawn and Garden for Autumn

As autumn colors set in this season, make sure your all-important home and garden upkeep checklist is ready.

Although the lawn is often overlooked during the fall, it’s actually the perfect time to make sure everything is organized before the harsher winter elements take hold. Paul James, host of HGTV’s “Gardening by the Yard,” advises homeowners to start early – approximately six weeks before the first good freeze.

Here is a list of some of the tasks and items you should add to your fall checklist this year:

Make the Most of Your Next Home Improvement Project

Whether it’s the downturn in the economy or the increasing popularity of DIY television shows, one thing is certain; homeowners are tackling more home projects themselves. A lot of first-timers are learning new skills and using new tools so they can finish projects ranging from simple maintenance and crafts to room renovation.
Most DIYers will begin with the basics — a hammer, screwdriver and measuring tape — and will move onto air-powered tools and electric tools once they feel comfortable. For those looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to get the most from their tool purchases, the first step is to buy an air compressor.
The compressor is the heart of any air-powered system. Air compressors are available in a wide range of sizes and different air delivery capacities. It is important to match the size of the compressor to the types of tools and projects to ensure optimal performance.
While inflating tires, sports balls and air mattresses are the most common tasks performed with a compressor, this piece of equipment can help with so much more. An air compressor is so versatile because it powers a wide array of air tools that operate more quickly and less expensively than traditional power tools. Nailers, blow guns, spray guns, ratchets, impact wrenches and chisels are common air tools. They allow DIYers to more efficiently sharpen mower blades, remove lug nuts to rotate tires, paint furniture, build a deck or fence, install chair rail and crown molding, perform engine repair and more; the possibilities are almost limitless.
Campbell Hausfeld, a manufacturer and marketer of air-powered tools and compressors, has several models available designed for simple applications in the home, garage or workshop. They also offer units for more frequent use such as automotive, lawn equipment and small engine repair.
Air compressors require very little maintenance — users only need to drain the tank after each use to prevent condensation buildup. Discharging the compressed air from the tank is as simple as loosening a valve.
Regardless of the experience level or type of project, homeowners interested in getting more bang for their buck on their next home project should visit www.chpower.com to get started.

Tips to Keep Packed Food Cold This Summer

For millions of families, the coming summer season means activities — and lots of them. From the beach, to the pool, to games, camping, picnics and backyard barbecues, it’s often a mad dash from one adventure to the next with no break in between. Coolers have become the must-have summer accessory for busy families, helping to keep food and drinks cold as they travel from place to place. And under the current economic conditions, more people are relying on coolers to keep their meal costs down.

Publish a Book to Support Your Cause

It’s common for celebrities who experience tragedy and want to help others to have a book published by a traditional publisher. But now, “everyday people” can do the same thing. The power of publishing has truly gone public.

Thanks to continuing advancements in digital technology and print-on-demand resources, more people who want to make others aware of a worthy cause can have a professionally published book.

Unique Gifts to Celebrate Your Love

<b>Unique Gifts to Celebrate Your Love</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Couples who stay together deserve to celebrate their enduring commitment, but anniversary gifts can be difficult to choose. Sure, there are traditional gifts. But what modern couple really wants wool or copper for their seventh anniversary? And what would you do with the silver plates traditionally given on a couple’s 23rd?

Today’s young couples prefer more personalized gifts. For some some unique gift ideas, consider the following list provided by PlaqueMakerPlus.com, maker of customized awards and recognition products:

* Make a video showcasing your life together. Contact friends and families for home videos, then edit them together to show your story as a couple, from childhood to wedding to current day.

* Give the picture frame a modern spin. Framing a nice photo may seem like a no-brainer, but there are ways to make that idea seem more special. For example, PlaqueMakerPlus.com offers a “Clear Memories” line of heirloom-quality acrylics, which can be etched with a personalized message, such as part of a poem or the anniversary date, as well as an embedded photograph.

For an especially enduring gift, consider ordering a laser-engraved photograph plaque. The plaque will last far longer than a photograph in a frame and will become a cherished family mantelpiece and heirloom. At PlaqueMakerPlus.com, you can easily personalize and design your custom gifts online.

* Choose gifts that can be used. Gifts that are both functional and decorative are sure to be hits. For example, wooden bookends carved with names and dates will remind you of your anniversary while also neatening your shelves. Wood is a traditional gift for fifth and sixth-year anniversaries. You might also want to consider pen holders or paperweights.

* Choose something heartfelt. Not all gifts have to be high-tech or expensive. For example, you could write down 365 things that you love about your partner on individual pieces of paper, then put the notes in a nice vase, so your partner can read a loving message from you every day until you’re next anniversary.

Disfrute de los Tratamientos de Spa Sin Pagar Altos Precios

<b>Disfrute de los Tratamientos de Spa Sin Pagar Altos Precios</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – A medida que la recesión estira los bolsillos, los pequeños lujos se van cayendo en el olvido. Los estadounidenses están moliendo café en su casa, aprendiendo a cocinar, haciendo lo mejor posible con los jeans de la temporada pasada y dejando atrás los días en el spa.

Pero los estadounidenses no tienen que hacer a un lado las pequeñas auto indulgencias o el alivio de estrés que estas provocan. Muchos de los tratamientos de alto precio que proporcionan los spa pueden ser hechos en casa por una fracción de su precio regular.

Por ejemplo, las envolturas corporales. Un elemento básico en la experiencia en un día de spa, estas involucran la exfoliación de la piel, aplicando una mezcla especifica de ingredientes, como hierbas, barro o minerales y luego envolviendo el cuerpo en telas para sellar el calor. Las personas que van al spa pueden optar por envolturas corporales de cuerpo entero o parciales, las que tienen como objetivo ciertas partes del cuerpo.

Las dietas saludables y ejercicio, juegan un papel importante en el enfoque holístico del peso y perdida de pulgadas y aunque esta no se la cura total, puede jugar un papel significativo en el proceso. Las envolturas expulsan las toxinas atrapadas entre el cuerpo y las células grasosas desintoxicando el cuerpo. Los beneficios pueden incluir la perdida de pulgadas, la reducción aparente de celulitis, piel más suave y firme y mejora de los contornos del cuerpo así como definición de curvas. Y sin lugar a duda es una alternativa más segura que la cirugía y liposucción.

¿Suena excelente no? Así es – hasta que llega la hora de pagar. Una envoltura de unos 45 minutos en el spa cuesta entre $100 a $150, mientras que una sesión de 60 minutos puede costar unos $250-$300.

Pero algunas compañías han creado un estuche para auto envoltura que ofrece los mismos beneficios de un tratamiento en spa sin los altos precios. Por ejemplo, Slimmer Silhouette ofrece un estuche con suficientes mezcla mineral y vendajes reusables para 12 envolturas completas o 24 parciales – a un precio mucho más razonables de $250. Lo que se puede desglosar en $21 por cada banda.

El estuche también incluye un DVD de instrucciones, un manual y una grafica de diagrama de cuerpo, cinta métrica y botella de hidratación. La mezcla mineral proporcionada contiene ingredientes naturales que promueven la sanación. El uso de las tiras también tiene como resultado la perdida de pulgadas, y no de la deshidratación, pero por medio de la perdida de impurezas.

“No podía creer que tan rápido y fácil fue utilizarlo en mi propia casa,” escribe un cliente, Brittany, de British Columbia, Canadá. “También me sentí completamente refrescada y rejuvenecida el día siguiente.” Agrega que perdió 12 pulgada la primera vez que utilizo las tiras.

Para aquellos que tienen un presupuesto un poco ajustado, puede que quieran ordenar las tiras con un amigo. De hecho, las fiestas de vendaje se están volviendo muy populares entre las amigas y prueban ser relajantes, adelgazantes y una alternativa barata para un spa de todos los días.

Para mayor información, visite www.slimmersilhouette.com.

Learn How to Set a Goal

<b>Learn How to Set a Goal</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – To paraphrase Mark Twain, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” Setting a goal, whether it be to lose weight, earn a promotion or spend more time with your family, is easy — it’s carrying through that proves problematic.

And yet, the world’s most successful people are intensely goal-orientated. They know what they want, and they focus on achieving it every day. So what’s the difference between a top executive and everybody else?

“The fact is that successful people fail far more than unsuccessful people,” says Brian Tracy, a top management consultant, in a recent Q&A with SUCCESS Magazine. “Successful people try more things, fall down, pick themselves up and try again — over and over before they finally win.” So how can you learn to quit giving up on your goals? SUCCESS Magazine offers the following tips for more successful goal-setting:

– Write down a list of goals. Cynthia Kersey, author of “Unstoppable: 45 Powerful Stories of Perseverance and Triumph from People Just Like You,” suggests focusing on how you want to be remembered. “List the qualities, deeds and characteristics for which you would like to be remembered by your friends, spouse, children, co-workers, the community and even the world.”

– Set out a plan to accomplish your goals. Tracy suggests listing what little steps will take you to your goal, then organizing them by priority and sequence. Figure out how much time and money you will need to accomplish your goals, and revisit and revise your plan accordingly.

– Manage your mindset. Keep your focus by surrounding yourself with people who will help you accomplish your goals. Arrange your workspace and home so you’ll be reminded of your commitments. “When you form the habit of starting your productivity earlier in the day, associating with more positive people, managing the news and information you feed your mind, controlling the language you use — especially the ways in which you describe yourself — you will find it easier to succeed,” says Jim Cathcart, professional speaker and founder of the Cathcart Institute Inc. “Become the person who would achieve your goals and who would deserve them.”

For more information, visit www.SUCCESS.com.