Preparing 21st Century Enterprises for Success in the Digital Age

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – It is no longer a brave new world for businesses. The digital age is here, and if experts are to be believed, businesses that have not already embraced this opportunity, risk joining those companies that refuse to adapt, and consequently are rapidly losing customers and revenue.
Consider this: according to the statistical website, during 2015, S&P 500 companies as a group lost 3 percent in sales and 15 percent in earnings. At the same time, “Unicorn” private sectors companies, which are valued at more than $1 billion, including organizations such as Uber and Airbnb, are transforming the global business landscape in the digital age and quickly stepping over the old guard.
So what do the likes of Snapchat and Pinterest have that other companies do not? According to HCL Technologies, a leading global IT services company, technology is at the core of these forward-looking enterprises and there are four distinct characteristics that these companies embrace:
* Experience-Centric. These companies strive to offer the consumers a unified experience.
* Service-Oriented. These companies change the operating model to focus on customer experience.
* Agile & Lean. These companies optimize their size for fast-paced maneuvers.
* Ecosystem-Driven. These companies collaborate to extend the ecosystem beyond the enterprise.
“Going forward — with the disruptions in the business landscape due to digitalization, new age business models and technologies — the thinking of ‘business as usual’ and expecting to succeed needs a change,” cautions C. Vijay Kumar, President, Global Infrastructure Services, HCL Technologies. “An enterprise can no longer operate in isolation.”
Instead, says Kumar, an enterprise has to look at a holistic business model transformation, overhauling its business functions and operations for a unified experience. A business must hyper-focus on services and collaborate across the entire ecosystem for success.
While there is no blueprint for success, Kumar believes HCL can help guide companies through digital transformation and ultimately be successful through 3rd-generation, IT-outsourcing partnerships. HCL defines this as Next-Gen IT & Operations, and is uniquely positioned to offer integrated transformation services across applications and infrastructure, while adding the unique elements of hybrid cloud and DryICE, HCL’s 3rd-generation automation platform.
C. Vijay Kumar adds that key elements of HCL’s differentiation include “Digital Infrastructure Transformation that leverages our capability in implementing Software-defined Infrastructure Stack, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Unified Communications and Modern workplace solutions.”
HCL’s DryICE automation encompasses 30-plus components, including some of the traditional automation solutions and orchestration, machine learning and cognitive solutions. This is a modular approach, enabling enterprises to be lean and agile, and has been implemented across all of HCL’s top customers while gaining significant traction among new customers.
HCL’s Next-Gen IT&O approach adds significant value in making enterprises agile and lean for the digital age. It focuses on end-to-end technology transformation, preparing

El Regalo Ideal Para Cualquier Etapa De Tu Relación

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Noticias destacadas – El día de San Valentín está por llegar y encontrar el regalo ideal para tu persona especial, a la vez que comunicar el correcto mensaje romántico, no sólo puede ser difícil, sino que además un abrumador.
Por suerte, JCPenney cuenta con regalos con estilo y asequibles para dar en cualquier etapa de tu relación, ya sea que busques algo tierno o sexy. Aquí, nuestra tienda de ventanilla única ofrece consejos para elegir el regalo ideal que demuestre tu afecto este San Valentín.
* 1-4 citas: Propón algo divertido y discreto con una comida en casa acompañada de un vino rico. Busca tu receta favorita y prepara un postre en la sartén de corazón profesional anti-adherente de 9 pulgadas de Cake Boss. Mantén frío el vino favorito de tu amorcito con estilo en la conservadora portátil de botellas con tapa a rosca de Wine Enthusiast. Además, no olvides estimular todos los sentidos — pon un bello arreglo floral en la mesa y una bandeja difusora de Adele Reed para sumar un aroma delicioso y algún luz de velas al ambiente.
* 4-12 meses: Si bien aún en esta etapa el romance está floreciendo, intenta dar regalos agradables que muestren cuánto te importa pero sin gastarte una fortuna. Pon sus canciones de amor favoritas en el estereo de carga dual iHome o has un regalo chistoso con tazas de café de “Don’t go bacon my heart” y “I couldn’t if I fried”. Todo esto disponible en JCPenney. Si deseas un regalo más refinado para él, mira los objetos de la colección exclusiva de Michael Strahan. Regalos como el pañuelo de bolsillo Medallion o el juego de gemelos y corbata con patrones se asegurarán de que piense en ti siempre que se vista para una ocasión especial.
* 1 año o más: Mantén la llama ardiendo con ropa íntima de la colección Ambrielle de JCPenney. Por ejemplo, los pijamas o
el juego de bata de 3 piezas o tal vez algo más picante como una camisola negra con lazos. Si quieres ir a lo grande comprando joyería, considera la colección Heart of Hallmark de JCPenney y piezas como el anillo de diamante de 1/5 CTTW de plata esterlina con relieve de 14k de oro rosa. Para ayudar a quien quieres a recordar y celebrar los momentos felices que compartieron con el paso de los años, imprime y enmarca tus fotos favoritas en el marco de corazón para fotos.
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A Homeowner’s Guide to Hanging Holiday Lights

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Mortgage rates remain low, and home prices are stable or rising in most communities.
A September 2015 poll by NeighborWorks America found that nearly 90 percent of consumers consider home ownership at least somewhat important. Help ensure your home ownership success by following these guidelines from NeighborWorks America:
1. Get professional help.
The best way to learn what you need to know about buying a home is to meet with a nonprofit housing counselor. Look for a certified professional who can explain the different mortgages and interest rates, the effect of credit scores on loan approval, how much down payment is needed for purchase and how much home you can really afford.
“The housing market is tough right now, with fewer homes for sale on the market than usual, and new mortgage rules and many mortgage products to choose,” said Marietta Rodriguez, vice president for homeownership and lending at NeighborWorks America. “To be in the strongest position to make an offer that is accepted, consumers have to be prepared. That’s where initial consultation with a housing counselor is vital, even before meeting with other professionals involved in the process.”
To see a video describing more about the numbers to know, click here.
2. Build a budget.
Smart consumers approach home ownership with a budget, but surveys show that less than one-third of potential buyers have one. Start with a budget that includes potential changes in commuting costs, home maintenance expenses and even life changes, such as becoming a parent or paying for college. “Once all the numbers are on the table, it’s easier to see what type of home suits a family’s budget and needs, what might be necessary financial trade-offs and what could be a direct line to trouble,” said Rodriguez.
3. Be determined, not desperate.
A winning bid on the wrong home can spell trouble. A bidding war could weaken your determination to find the right home while pushing the limits of your budget. Moreover, sellers know that desperate buyers may avoid inspection contingencies.
“Forgoing a home inspection to move up a place in the bidding process could be costly down the road if problems and defects with the home arise. NeighborWorks recommends that homebuyers have a home inspection, and know as much as possible about the inside of a home as the outside,” added Rodriguez.

The Uberization of America?

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – “The New Serfs.”
Doesn’t sound as warm and fuzzy as that other sobriquet — “the sharing economy” — used to describe the Uberization of America, does it? But that’s what critics say workers are increasingly becoming thanks to a business model that’s totally redefining what it means to be employed in a tech-enabled, service-driven, 21st-century economy.
Think about it: If you drive for an app-based, ride-hailing service like Uber, Lyft or Sidecar — or maybe do stuff like fix leaky faucets, say, by signing on with TaskRabbit to connect with buyers with long to-do lists -; odds are that app-enabled “gig,” as it’s called, doesn’t include all or some of the following:
* Health benefits
* Workman’s comp
* Social Security
* Overtime
* The right to unionize
“The ‘sharing economy’ is mostly spin,” software developer Jon Evans wrote in a column for TechCrunch. “It mostly consists of people who have excess disposable income hiring those who do not.”
Uber was handed a huge defeat last September when U.S. District Judge Edward Chen in San Francisco granted class-action status to a lawsuit by drivers that, according to the Wall Street Journal, “could have sweeping implications” for anyone following the same business model. The core issue is: Are those behind the wheel “independent contractors” (as Uber claims) or “employees” entitled to a wide range of costly benefits (as drivers claim)?
“It will allow thousands of Uber drivers to participate in this case (and) challenge their misclassifications as independent contractors, as well as to attempt to recover the tips that Uber advertised to customers are included in the fare, but are not in fact distributed to the drivers,” attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan, who’s also representing Lyft drivers in a separate case, told the press while vowing to try to expand the suit nationwide.
Not boding well for Uber, which is planning to appeal the ruling: The California Labor Commission a few months earlier ruled that Uber driver Barbara Ann Berwick was, indeed, an employee in a claim involving expenses.
“We’ve always said that all providers of ground transportation should be held to the same standard,” said Gary Buffo, president of the non-profit National Limousine Association ( “That applies to drivers’ benefits, too.”
And for those who think they’re immune to Uberization, don’t be so sure.
A Bloomberg columnist recounted the increased “buzz” around the idea of turning white-collar work, which traditionally commands higher paychecks, into less expensive services that can be summoned as easily as a town car.
“An Uber for legal advice seems like a pretty good idea,” she wrote.

Firefighter Battles Flames and Cancer

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – What would you do if you learned you had only one year left to live? A new novel from published author Blaize Nolynne explores this question from the perspective of a volunteer fire captain in River Falls, Maine. The novel, The Captain’s Last Year, Fighting Fire and Cancer, One Year to Live, depicts the reality of cancer and examines its impact on patients and their families.
The story centers on fire captain Steven Williams, whose doctors have given him one year to live after a diagnosis of stage IV stomach cancer. Steven starts with denial, but then he attempts to come to terms with his situation as treatments fail. His thoughts turn to how to make the most of his remaining year, and he grapples with a range of issues. Could he change his relationship with his son, Christopher, or improve the disrespectful attitudes that have become an epidemic in his community? Ms. Nolynne’s intent is to make readers consider what they would do if they learned they had one year left to live.
Fire and rescue services are the venues of many of Ms. Nolynne’s books, and she writes from personal experience. In an interview with a local newspaper, The Independent, she notes that her father was a volunteer fire captain with the fire department in Standish, Maine, and that she visited the department often as a child. Her paternal grandfather was a volunteer firefighter and a driver for the local rescue squad, and her great-grandfather served as a fireman in South Portland, Maine.
Another family member — Ms. Nolynne’s grandmother — also inspired the novel through her battle with terminal cancer.
Ms. Nolynne is honoring her grandmother and the firefighters in her family by assisting with the medical expenses of Jeff Douglass, a fire chief in Baldwin, Maine, who has stage four pancreatic cancer.
A portion of the proceeds from sales of The Captain’s Last Year, Fighting Fire and Cancer, One Year to Live will go to Team Jeff, Code 3 for a Cure, in addition to other firefighter cancer charities. Ms. Nolynne’s books are available at, and (Books A Million).
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Could The Movie Studio be the Next Heavy Hitter?

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Gordon Scott Venters thrives on challenges. As CEO of The Movie Studio (TMS) in Hollywood — that’s Florida, not Los Angeles — he’s been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years.
Venters’ resume reads like a who’s who of Hollywood (California), where he was president and CEO of Destination Television, now TMS. While Venters has a soft spot for the West Coast, he is betting that, like California, South Florida will become the premier destination to produce movies.
“The energy is completely different here than in LA, and making movies in Florida has some terrific advantages,” said Venters. “The visual landscape is stunning from a cinematic standpoint, there are diversified places to shoot and great visual optics. That’s the value proposition in Florida.”
It also doesn’t hurt that the rich and famous work and play in the Sunshine State.
As a publicly traded micro-cap company, according to Venters, he knows that, although risky, there are huge growth opportunities for TMS (OTC: MVES).
“We want to give our followers, shareholders and supporters the chance to be a part of what we see as one of the newest hot studios providing full services in distribution, creativity and complete production,” Venters said.
Currently, TMS has acquired a 60 percent membership interest in the Seven Arts Entertainment film library(SAFELA), giving TMS 14 titles including, “Drunkboat” with John Malkovich and John Goodman, “Night Of The Demons” with Shannon Elizabeth, “Fractured,” “Knife Edge,” “Shooting Gallery” with Freddie Prinze, Jr, “Nine Miles Down,” “Noise,” “The Pool Boys” with Matthew Lilliard, “A Broken Life” with Ving Rhames, “Autopsy,” “Deal” with Burt Reynolds and Shannon Elizabeth, “Boo,” “Back In The Day” with Ving Rhames and Ja Rule, and “Cemetery Gates.”
Venters says he plans to bundle these with indie movies that the studio has produced, such as “Exposure” — released on Netflix DVD and Amazon, and in Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target.
Other movies in the pipeline for TMS are “Bad Actress” and “Double Exposure.” The Movie Studio completed principal photography in Colombia, South America, for its film “Bad Actress,” starring Sean Stone, son of the iconic Hollywood director Oliver Stone, and The Movie Studio’s sensational Latina bombshell, Excelina from Colombia.
TMS has also completed its reverse stock split (OTC- MVES) finalizing the company’s corporate restructuring while tightening the float and outstanding shares.
The Movie Studio Inc. is also involved with music videos, television shows and other intellectual properties. To learn more, visit

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Stairlift

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Regaining the freedom to move around your home may be as easy as installing a stairlift. If you, a friend or a family member has trouble with stairs but would like to stay in your current home, a stairlift may be the right solution.
Stairlifts are gaining popularity in the United States as the population ages. Many older adults continue to enjoy good health and want to remain in their homes, but find stairs to be a challenge.
Today’s stairlifts, such as those manufactured and installed by Acorn Stairlift, do not require any structural changes to the home, and they do not damage the stairs or home decor. The stairlifts are designed for quiet, efficient operation, powered by two small 12-volt batteries under the seat or by regular house current.
Some top things to know when considering adding a stairlift to your home include:
* Stair style. Choosing the right stairlift for your stairs helps you get the most from the product. Acorn Stairlifts are available in designs specific to straight stairways, curved stairways and outdoor stairways such as front steps or patio steps. The modular style of Acorn Stairlifts allows for easy installation without structural changes to the home.
* Safety features. All models of Acorn Stairlifts include multiple safety features. The chair and built-in footrest typically fold up when not in use, allowing for easy passage on the stairs. The Acorn Stairlifts also feature sensors on the foot platform that will stop the lift when triggered. In addition, Acorn Stairlifts include remote control components to make it easy for family or others to operate. The stairlifts also include safety belts, lockable swivel seats and light touch controls for easy operation by individuals whose dexterity is limited.
* Support. Acorn Stairlift provides aftercare and support from trained service technicians who can address any problems with your stairlift. In addition, look for a company such as Acorn that offers a warranty that covers the motor and gearbox on the stairlift for as long as you own it, plus a one-year warranty from the installation date on all other parts.
Visit for more details about finding the right stairlift for your home.

Minimizing the Mess: How to Keep a Clean Home With Kids

(NewsUSA) – No doubt about it, Americans like their "stuff."We like to accumulate and surround ourselves with material things.The late George Carlin summed it up when he quipped, "A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff."The problem is that stuff creates a mess, and most people also like to be neat and organized. Unfortunately, the two concepts do not necessarily align, which is why companies like The Container Store boast close to billion-dollar bottom lines.And when you have kids? Fugehdaboutit. The potential for messiness multiplies tenfold.For those wannabe organized families who would like to declutter (or at least keep the detritus at bay), look no further than the tips below:* Buy bins. These plastic tubs can be a godsend for parents whose kids either refuse to throw (or give) anything away, or who want to try and teach their kids to organize their things at an early age. It keeps the mess to a minimum and makes cleaning simple for both parents and children.* Cue the cubbies. These three-drawer organizers can be stored in the closet, don’t take up much room and allow kids to store odds and ends that might otherwise be everywhere but their bedroom.* Have an in box. A parent of any school-age child knows the amount of paperwork that comes home is obscene and overwhelming. To that end, having one place for all incoming papers is paramount.* Use hangers and hooks. These minimally priced inventions that hang on the backs of doors helps keep towels, scarves, coats and other items off the floor. Similarly, a shoe rack that hangs in the closet can also be a great organization tool for little ones.* Consider a portable spittoon. For smokeless tobacco users, a portable spittoon can mean the difference between a permanent, albeit accidental, stain and keeping a potential mess contained.To that end, companies like FLASR, creators of smokeless tobacco accessory products, can help. FLASR’s portable spittoons are an easy-to-use solution that prevents unwanted spills and leaks that often accompany spit cups and bottles. The FLASR flask, for instance, has an advanced closing mechanism, ensuring that it stays securely closed when not in use, even if curious little hands get a hold of it. In addition, the new 4-ounce FLASR pocket-sized spittoon is designed to allow users to open and shut it with just one hand, making it an ideal solution for everyday use.For more information, visit

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean During a Remodel

(NewsUSA) – Maybe you’re finally updating your 1970s kitchen to one that’s more sleek and modern. Perhaps it’s as simple as remodeling a bathroom. Whatever the room, home renovations can be pretty hectic and messy.To get through your renovation, home organization is the key. The following tips should help you stay on top of the chaos.* Have files for everything. Paperwork should be kept in one place. Inexpensive file folders that are portable can help you stay structured. Create a file for all receipts, and as you post them to a budget, move them to another file labeled "posted." Permits and papers from the city should be kept together. Just for fun, create a folder of design ideas and pictures from magazines to keep you inspired.* Cover it up. One word: plastic. No, not credit cards. Use it to cover all heavy furniture that can’t be moved from the room. This will prevent dust and debris from getting into the cracks and crevices and keep the finish on the furniture looking shiny.* Keep a list. No matter how good your memory, things are going to fall through the cracks. Hanging a clipboard on a nail in the area you are working in will help you to stay on task about people you need to contact, or things you need to do or buy for the next day.* Have a place for everything. If you’re doing the remodel yourself, there is going to be a certain amount of chaos and upheaval. One thing that will help reduce your stress level is keeping your tools in one place. Create a space, such as a table, where all small tools are kept. The larger tools can sit on the floor under the table. Every time you’re finished with a tool, put it back.* Contain your stress. If you’re a person who turns to cigarettes or smokeless tobacco in times of stress, try your best to keep things clean by going outside to smoke or by carrying a portable spittoon. After all, you don’t want a fresh burn mark or stain from a spill to end up on your brand new floors. FLASR has created a one-of-a-kind pocket-sized spittoon that allows users to open and shut it with just one hand, making it an ideal solution for taking your snuff, dip or chew into any room that’s being renovated. In addition, the Atlanta-based company’s spittoon, has an advanced closing mechanism, ensuring that it stays securely closed when not in use, eliminating the risk of spill and leaks often seen with cups and bottles. For more information, visit Market listing: FLASR (OTCQB: FLSR).

Wellness Travel Is on the Rise

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Studies show that a yearly vacation is invaluable for health, with benefits varying from lower stress levels to cardiovascular improvements. Adding to these benefits, many travelers are now combining traditional vacations with wellness-geared getaways.
A panel of experts at the annual International Travel Mart in Cannes, France, predicted that, by 2040, 90 percent of luxury tourism will include some aspect of health and wellness.
The global market size of the wellness tourism industry is growing rapidly — faster than travel in general — and is predicted to account for $678.5 billion by 2017, compared with $438.6 billion in 2012, according to Statistica Inc.
Much of this growth can be attributed to the maturation of the baby boomer generation, which is more health-conscious than preceding generations. These travelers look for a vacation that integrates their daily healthful routine with traditional aspects of travel. But it’s not just baby boomers who are looking to travel in good health — the active family travel market is burgeoning and is expected to continue to grow as well.
So, what is wellness travel? The trend covers all aspects of health, including nutritious menu options, spa offerings and fitness activities. Across the globe, tourism professionals are responding to growing demands by introducing whole food, vegetarian and vegan menus, spa packages and active excursions. Hiking, cycling, paddle boarding and kayaking continue to gain popularity.
Tall ship cruise specialist Star Clippers is one travel company that offers a complete wellness experience. Shoreside the cruise line features complimentary water sports and adventurous shore excursions that include mountain biking and kayaking in some of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.
Onboard, guests are invited to participate in yoga on deck under billowing sails on select yoga-themed sailings, and most cruises afford the opportunity to climb the mast for an exhilarating workout. Massages are available on each ship, and flagship Royal Clipper features a full-service spa. Healthy gourmet meal options are available on all three ships in the fleet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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