Orlando Screams: 78 Days of Halloween

(NewsUSA) – Halloween has become one of America’s most iconic holidays. But why celebrate for just one night when Orlando, Halloween Vacation Capital, offers Halloween events spanning an entire 78 days?Starting as early as Aug. 17 and running through Nov. 3, there’s something for everyone, from mild and family-friendly to wild and terrifying.This year’s lineup includes a host of All-Hallows events and attractions; themed hotel packages; and the return of the largest horror convention in the nation. Theme Park Frights This year, visitors can expect Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights to pay an homage to the ’80s , with a haunted house in the theme of Netflix’s "Stranger Things," as well as nine other haunted houses, for a total of 10 – the most ever in the event’s 28-year history.For a more family-friendly experience, the Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park comes alive with jack-o-lanterns and special characters for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.Visitors can trick-or-treat throughout the park, masquerade with costumed characters at the Boo-to-You Halloween Parade, sing along at the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, and end the night with a "Boo-tacular" fireworks show.SeaWorld Orlando’s Halloween Spooktacular has an ocean of Halloween fun planned.During this daytime event, families are immersed in an underwater "fantasea" including trick-or-treating, not-so-spooky live shows, and the chance to mingle with everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends including Elmo, The Count, Cookie Monster and more. Boo Beyond the Parks The largest horror convention in the nation, Spooky Empire, returns to Orlando Oct. 26-29 at the Caribe Royale Orlando. Celebrity guests this year includes David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson of X-files fame, with more to be announced.Other thrills and chills include a, costume contest, zombie walk, and film festival.A Petrified Forest features two outdoor scare trails for small groups to venture through a haunted forest at night. Live actors stalk guests through the dark, and uniquely themed areas make for a truly thrilling, chilling experience. The event runs select nights, Oct. 5 – Nov. 3 Haunting Hotel Happenings Three Hyatt properties are offering a "No Tricks, Just Treats" package, Sept.1 – Nov. 4, to get guests into the Halloween spirit.The package includes two complimentary "spooky" drinks or beverages of choice per stay as well as a special-themed treat placed in their room upon arrival, available at Hyatt Place across from Universal Orlando Resort, Hyatt House across from Universal Orlando Resort, and Hyatt Place Orlando Convention Center.Hilton Orlando is offering "A ROOM WITH A BOO" package, which includes daily breakfast, premium Wi-Fi and late checkout at 2:00 p.m.; perfect sleeping-in time for those "creatures of the night." Use this link for booking.For more information, visit VisitOrlando.com

Join The Fight, Live United

(NewsUSA) – For too many people, every day is a struggle. A struggle United Way confronts by working tirelessly with organizations across the world to provide those in need with tools and resources to improve their lives. Like transitional housing and job training that helps families support themselves. United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. Join us as we mobilize the caring power of your community. Volunteer or donate at Unitedway.org/jointhefight See full-sized image here

Choosing Health Care Benefits – a Chore or a Labor of Love?

(NewsUSA) – Hemophilia, a blood disorder in which the blood fails to clot properly, is a rare condition, but for those who have it, staying healthy can be challenging.The treatment for hemophilia is multifaceted, but it can include preventive care at home. Patients can give themselves infusions of clotting factors that are normally present in the blood to help prevent excessive bleeding episodes, which can be life-threatening and cause permanent damage.Repeated self-infusion as a preventive measure is associated with a lower incidence of the joint problems that can arise from excessive bleeding.In a recent study, 60 adult blood-disorder patients who self-infused experienced fewer joint problems by preventing the levels of clotting factors in the blood from falling below 1 percent of what is considered normal. Joint problems can become debilitating if left untreated, and patients may be unable to perform routine daily activities, attend school or work, or walk without a cane, walker, or other assistance.In addition, blood-disorder patients who self-infuse have reported feeling more confident and in- dependent, and appreciate the convenience of infusing at home, according to data from NCHS, a specialty pharmacy service for blood-disorder patients.Most importantly, the opportunity to infuse at home also may serve to motivate patients to take their medications as directed."Working to improve non-adherence among patients who intentionally stop their medications or intentionally disregard their prescribers’ instructions can be more of a challenge than simply helping patients remember to take their meds," according to a report from NCHS. "But if you understand why patients are making these choices, you may have better results."Common reasons why patients with a chronic disease such as a blood disorder fail to take their medications as directed include:* Concerns about the high cost of the medication.* Concerns about the medication’s side effects and whether it’s necessary.* Complexity of the treatment.* Communication issues with doctors about the value and benefits of the medication.Service providers like NCHS can help patients achieve more independence by offering discreet home delivery of medications, education and support. Services include detailed explanations about the use, dosing, storage, and side effects of medications so patients feel confident in their at-home care, as well as reimbursement expertise and caregiver education and counseling.For more information about NCHS and managing blood disorders, visit nchswecare.com

Honoring Veterans through Partnership And Education

(NewsUSA) – Every year on November 11th, we formally thank men and women who have honorably served in the United States military. In fact, Veterans Day was born on May 13, 1938 as a way of honoring the veterans of WWI. Fast forward to 2017, and thousands of our fathers, mothers, sons and daughters have served in WWII, the Vietnam War and War in Afghanistan, to name a few.At Humana, one of the nation’s leading health and well-being companies, the commitment to veterans is strong. Humana, across its diverse sites and services, works closely with its members, partners and industry to foster innovation in health care for all of its members, including our veterans.Several partnerships enable Humana to honor veterans through education and guidance about navigating health-care choices -; specifically, when veterans have the opportunity to consider health care options through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and plans like Medicare Advantage.There are often misconceptions among veterans about how their VA benefits work with Medicare Advantage. In fact, enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan may provide veterans with additional service and location options. Every day, Humana’s trusted advisors are there to provide guidance and clarity on health insurance and wellness matters that impact veterans and their family members.These Humana experts have the unique knowledge to help senior veterans gain a better understanding of their Medicare options and help them to make better-informed health-care choices.For many veterans, the opportunities to get help in understanding health-care choices happen in their local communities. For example, Orlando Gallardo is a 75-year-old veteran service officer from Conejos, CO who has partnered with his Humana agent to help veterans get the education and information they need to secure the right health-care coverage to achieve their best health."[My Humana agent] understands and appreciates veterans, and I appreciate him.""If we can help a veteran, why not?" Gallardo asks.Gallardo and his agent honor veterans through their partnership and genuine care for our American heroes.One thing that can be confusing to veterans is how their VA prescription drug benefits work with a Medicare prescription drug plan. Gallardo and his agent help veterans understand that they can actually consider either or both options for coverage. But both types of coverage can’t be used for the same prescription at the same time.Veterans can also comparison shop for Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans, as well as research prescription drug costs, on the website Medicare.gov.Furthermore, Humana provides guidance about Medicare Advantage plan options by partnering with organizations that support veterans, including through its national affiliate partnerships with the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) and American Veterans (AMVETS).With whatever health-care options veterans choose for themselves and their families, having a personal commitment to well-being is a part of the equation.Gallardo, a Humana Medicare Advantage member, understands that he has to do his part in staying healthy."My part is being healthy and to stay active and keep the cogs turning and keep’em oiled," says Gallardo.Humana is a Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO and PFFS organization and a stand-alone prescription drug plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in any Humana plan depends on contract renewal.Y0040_GHHK4APEN 

Esta prueba de huella para los neumáticos, Easy Tire, sólo cuesta un centavo

(NewsUSA) – Los neumáticos pueden no ser la primera cosa que usted nota cuando mira un automóvil, sin embargo puede ser el elemento más importante para la seguridad y el funcionamiento de cualquier vehículo. Cuando lo piensa, ellos son la única parte de su auto que lo conecta a la carretera.Mientras que los frenos paran sus ruedas, son sus neumáticos los que detienen el auto, y ése es el porqué mantenerlos es absolutamente delicado. Afortunadamente, uno de los chequeos de neumáticos más importantes no le costará más de un centavo!Una vez al mes, o antes de dirigirse a un largo viaje por carretera, revise sus neumáticos para verificar el desgaste y cualquier daño usando "la prueba del centavo". Sólo tome un centavo y seleccione un punto en su neumático donde la banda de rodadura aparece más baja. Luego, manteniendo el cuerpo de Lincoln entre el pulgar y el índice, coloque la cabeza de Lincoln en uno de los surcos. Si cualquier parte de la cabeza de Abe Lincoln está cubierta por la banda de rodadura, usted está conduciendo con una cantidad legal y segura de la banda.Sin embargo, si toda la cabeza de Lincoln es visible, es una señal de que es hora de conseguir neumáticos nuevos."La tracción y la banda de rodadura están inextricablemente unidas. Las ranuras en su neumático son fundamentales para ayudar a levantar el agua y permitir que el neumático se agarre la carretera", dice Sarah Robinson, experta en seguridad de Michelin. "Asegurarse de que está conduciendo con neumáticos con una banda de rodadura adecuada puede ser la diferencia entre evitar un accidente y convertirse en parte de él".Si es hora de conseguir neumáticos nuevos, considere estos dos factores en primer lugar:1. Seguridad: La mayoría de los neumáticos funcionan bien en situaciones cotidianas, pero en condiciones difíciles revelarán sus diferencias. Elija neumáticos que puedan funcionar bien en los peores tipos de clima o carreteras que encuentre. Por ejemplo, si usted vive en una región con fuertes nevadas intensas e inviernos fríos, considere neumáticos de invierno durante parte del año. La diferencia puede ser enorme.2. Valor: Es importante recordar que no todos los neumáticos son iguales. Los neumáticos pueden parecer un gasto adicional al mantenimiento general del automóvil, pero invertir en neumáticos de calidad conocidos por un rendimiento duradero, como Michelin Defender con su garantía de 80 000 millas, le ahorrará dinero con el tiempo a medida que sus neumáticos no necesita ser reemplazados tan rápidamente.Para obtener más información, visite www.MichelinMan.com 

How to Take a Stress-Free Holiday Road Trip

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Holiday travel can be stressful, but it should be fun, too. Advance planning and proper car care can take much of the stress out of a holiday road trip and leaving you free to enjoy the ride.
Checklists for each aspect of the trip will help ensure that nothing important is left behind, and that you are safe and prepared in case of an emergency.
When it’s time for a holiday road trip, keep these tips in mind for smooth travels:
–Check your ride: A complete car check before a road trip should include making sure the fluid levels are sufficient. Make sure wiper blades and the wiper mechanism itself is working properly. Check your lights, including brights, to be sure they are functional. And, last but not least, don’t forget your tires. Tires are the connection between your car and the road, so be sure to examine the tread for signs of excess wear
“Traction and tread are inextricably linked. The grooves in your tires are critical in helping to channel water away to allow the tire to grip the road,”says Sarah Robinson, Michelin safety expert. “Making sure you’re driving on tires with proper tread can be the difference between avoiding an accident and becoming part of it.”
–Be prepared: Equip your car with an emergency kit, including water, flashlight, blanket, jumper cables, extra windshield wiper fluid, cell phone charger, and emergency phone numbers for roadside assistance, as well as a contact person at your destination.
–Map your route: Check your route in advance and, if possible, plan your trip for times with less traffic. If you are planning to use a map feature on your phone, use the voice component; if you don’t have that, consult a paper map and get a sense of the route before you get behind the wheel.
–Safety first: That means the driver focuses on driving. If you are the driver and need to check your phone, send a message, have a snack, or, tend to a child or pet in the back seat, wait for a rest stop, or if necessary, pull over to the side of the road.
–Watch the weather: Especially during winter holidays, knowing the weather in advance can help you plan to avoid a storm. If conditions are truly dangerous, the smart move is to postpone your trip until the weather improves.
For more information, visit www.MichelinMan.com

Want to Take The Road Less Traveled? Here’s How

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Off-road driving on scenic, challenging trails can be fun, but it’s completely different than cruising down the road; keep these tips in mind to stay safe and avoid getting stuck.
–Soft obstacles: When you plan to tackle sand, snow, or mud, deflate your tires to improve your traction by decreasing the tire footprint. Maintain momentum, and if your wheels start spinning in the sand or snow, ease off the gas a bit. In mud, keep the wheels spinning to help clear the mud from the tires.
–Hard obstacles: When you approach large rocks, logs, or ditches during off-road driving, take them at an angle, so only one tire engages the obstacle and the other three remain on level ground to maximize traction. Place one tire on the obstacle, then drive over it slowly to help protect the underside of your vehicle.
–Hills: Always have an escape plan in case your trek doesn’t turn out as expected. However, you can increase your odds of safely taking on hills by approaching them straight on for maximum traction to all four tires. Use the highest gear possible to comfortably take the hill.
Having the right vehicles and tires makes for an unparalleled off-roading experience, according to Pearse Umlauf, president and CEO of Jeep Jamboree. “Jeep Jamborees are off-road adventure weekends that bring down-to-earth people to enjoy their Jeep 4x4s in the outdoors,” said Umlauf, who works to coordinate operations for safe use and maintenance of off-road vehicle trails in the U.S. and worldwide.
He noted that BFGoodrich Tires will be the official tire of Jeep Jamboree in 2017.
When you are ready to head to the backcountry, Del Albright, Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Famer, and BFGoodrich Performance Team Expert, has 50 years driving experience with tires on trails. “The All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire is my tire of choice, with a rugged, durable design that makes it ideal for off-roaders who want to torture test their vehicles or just enjoy the backroads,” he said. Albright also is a longtime advocate for conservation and preservation of trails for off-roading use. One of his favorite trails, the Rubicon Trail in Lake Tahoe, California, was at risk for closure due to erosion concerns, but Albright helped lead a group of volunteers to fix the trouble spots and preserve the trail for off-roaders and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. Some of his other favorites include Rausch Creek Off-Road Park (Pennsylvania), San Hallow State Park (Utah) and the Hatfield-McCoy Trail (West Virginia).
For more information about BFGoodrich and off-road adventures, visit bfgoodrichtires.com.

Tackle Ice and Snow from the Ground Up

(NewsUSA) – Los viajes en vacaciones pueden ser estresantes, pero también deben ser divertidos. La planificación anticipada y el cuidado adecuado del vehículo pueden reducir mucho del estrés que produce un viaje en carretera y le permitirá disfrutar el recorrido.Una lista con los aspectos del viaje lo ayudarán a garantizar que no deja nada importante atrás y que está listo y preparado en caso de emergencia.Cuando es hora de un viaje de vacaciones por carretera, no olvide estos consejos para tener un viaje agradable:–Chequee su vehículo: una revisión completa del vehículo antes de un viaje en carretera debe incluir la verificación de los niveles de los fluidos. Asegúrese de que las aspas del limpia parabrisas y su sistema funcionen apropiadamente. Verifique sus luces, incluyendo las luces altas, para asegurarse de que funcionan. Último, pero no menos importante, no olvide sus neumáticos. Los neumáticos son la conexión entre su vehículo y la carretera, así que debe asegurarse de examinar las bandas de rodadura para ver si hay señales de desgaste."La tracción y las bandas de rodadura están inextricablemente vinculadas. Las muescas en sus neumáticos son muy importantes para que el agua salga y el neumático se sujete a la vía", dice Sarah Robinson, especialista de seguridad de Michelin. "Asegurarse de que sus neumáticos tiene las bandas de rodadura adecuadas puede ser la diferencia entre evitar un accidente y ser parte de uno".–Prepárese: equipe su vehículo con un equipo de emergencia que incluya agua, luces intermitentes, una manta, cables auxiliares, líquido limpiaparabrisas adicional, cargador de teléfono y números de emergencia para asistencia en carretera, así como el número de una persona de contacto en su lugar de destino.–Planifique su ruta: verifique su ruta anticipadamente, si es posible; planifique su viaje para las horas con menos tráfico. Si está pensando en utilizar una aplicación de mapa en su teléfono, utilice el componente de voz; si no la tiene, consulte un mapa en físico para orientarse antes de estar detrás del volante.–La seguridad primero: eso significa que el conductor se debe enfocar en el manejo. Si usted es el conductor y necesita ver su teléfono, enviar un mensaje, tomar un bocadillo o atender a un niño o mascota en el asiento trasero, espere a una parada de descanso o, si es necesario, deténgase a un lado de la vía.–Verifique el clima: especialmente durante las vacaciones de invierno, conocer el clima anticipadamente puede ayudarlo a evitar una tormenta. Si las condiciones son realmente peligrosas, lo más inteligente sería posponer su viaje hasta que el clima mejore.Para obtener mayor información, visite www.MichelinMan.com 

If You Have to Hold This Article at Arm’s Length, You Should Read This

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – As the author Oscar Wilde said, “With age comes wisdom.” For a lot of us, though, age also means we have difficulty seeing things up close, including this article. It happens to almost everyone — you may find yourself holding things farther away to see them clearly, or realize you’re struggling to read small print. In either case, your eyes probably don’t see as well as they used to.
Here’s what doctors know: as you age, the lens in your eye gets less flexible so that by your mid-40s, you’re likely holding anything you’re trying to read at arm’s length. If this sounds familiar, you may be among the one billion people who have presbyopia, an age-related condition that makes it difficult to see things up close.
“It’s important for people to understand that what happens to our eyes between 40 and 50 years old is completely normal,” says Dr. Howard Purcell, senior vice president of customer development at Essilor of America, the creators of Varilux lenses, a leading progressive lens solution. “The best way to know if you have developed presbyopia is to visit your eye doctor to get a comprehensive eye exam.”
Aging is a part of life, and while diet, exercise, and other habitual changes can help, presbyopia is natural and may be inevitable — even for those who have always had perfect vision. “For years, the only option available to help with presbyopia was bifocal lenses, which were invented by Benjamin Franklin more than 250 years ago,” Dr. Purcell explains. “The problem is that with only two sections (powers) of vision, bifocals don’t cover your vision at around arm’s length so objects such as cell phones, computers and menus will still look blurry.”
Today, people with presbyopia have a better option. If you’ve ever worn bifocals, you know there is a line in the middle of the lens separating the top, used to see far away, from the bottom, used to see close up. The good news is progressive lenses such as Varilux don’t have this distracting line and allow you to see more clearly across all distances for the most natural vision possible. This seamless change also means there is no more “jumping” of images when your eyes move between the top and bottom of the lens.
Another reason to choose progressive lenses is that the design and functionality continues to improve. For example, Varilux progressive lenses have W.A.V.E. technology that virtually eliminates distortions, so you have clear, sharp vision, even in low light.
So why not treat yourself to the best possible vision? For more information about presbyopia and progressive lenses, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor and visit www.varilux.com.

Women Face Challenges When It Comes to Health Coverage

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Women are often the primary health care decision-makers for their families, but they are far from confident about their ability to pay for health care costs and choose the right insurance plan. According to the Aflac 2016 Open Enrollment Survey, more than 1 in 10 women say they live paycheck to paycheck and nearly half have less than $500 saved. The 2016 Aflac WorkForces Report also revealed that only 26 percent of working women feel prepared to pay the out-of-pocket expenses from an unexpected serious illness or accident.
Given women’s state of financial vulnerability, open enrollment for benefits selection can be challenging, especially due to rising health care expenses and high-deductible health plans that shift costs from insurers to policyholders. Three-quarters of women
say that they find reading about benefits options can be long, complicated or stressful, and 40 percent say their benefits enrollment process makes them feel frustrated, anxious or confused.
To be confident about their benefits selections, 69 percent of women say they need more information, help, money or time before their next open enrollment period. Doing a little homework before choosing a health insurance plan can give you peace of mind and save you money, because more than half of women estimate that they have wasted up to $750 because of mistakes they have made during open enrollment.
Here are four tips to make this year’s open enrollment process more successful:
1. Carefully review and compare benefits information. Many insurance plans may undergo significant changes every year. Understanding what your plan covers and what out-of-pocket costs you’ll have to pay helps cast a safety net against an unexpected illness or injury.
2. Calculate your annual health care costs by reviewing how much you spent last year on monthly premiums and the expenses your insurance didn’t cover. Those costs can add up if you have a high-deductible health plan.
3. Consider adding voluntary insurance to your plan for more financial protection. Accident, critical illness and hospital insurance plans help pay for what major medical insurance doesn’t, as well as other expenses that continue to roll in if you’re too ill or injured to work.
4. Ask questions of your employer’s human resources staff or insurance consultants. They can help you understand your benefits coverage and make the best decisions during open enrollment.
To learn more about choosing the right health benefits, visit Aflac.com.