Student Athletes Emulate the Pros in Abusing Prescription Painkillers

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sometimes we’re so caught up in all the pro sports stars whose lives have been wrecked by misusing prescription painkillers that we forget the problem extends down to the amateur level.
And, yes, that does mean college and even high-school sports.
At least one study put the number of college student athletes who’ve used prescription medications to enhance their performance at as high as 53.3 percent. And another recent study on high school athletes, published online in the Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse, reported that 12 percent of male seniors and 8 percent of female seniors admitted to abusing painkillers.
To former columnist Gregg Easterbrook — who wrote about painkillers in his book “The King of Sports: Football’s Impact on America — it’s no surprise that the largest percentage of those young abusers play football.
“Youth and high-school players see an example that appears to be of men so tough, they laugh at pain,” he wrote. “The message sent is that young players should use their own bodies recklessly.”
So what’s a concerned parent to do?
Well, if your child is experiencing neuro-musculoskeletal-related pain from playing sports– spinal pain, say, from too many tackles or strained soccer kicks –first know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last March began urging physicians to avoid prescribing opioids for chronic pain in response to a record high 28,647 deaths involving the highly addictive drugs in 2014.
Know, too, that the most popular non-pharmacologic alternative to routine care is drug-free chiropractic care.
“Doctors of chiropractic play a key role in sports health care by providing hands-on care that help improve range of motion, flexibility, muscle strength, and other key performance factors,” notes the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress‘ Sherry McAllister.

Liquid Assets: Water Testing for Household Well Owners A Snap

Easy Well TestingTesting one’s drinking water can be intimidating to a household well owner, but it can be easy if you know a few basic steps, says the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).

If you are concerned about your well water, these three steps can help get owners the appropriate tests for contaminants that might present a health risk — or create taste, odor, or appearance problems:

1. Determine what you should test for in your water.

2. Obtain a reliable water test.

3. Get an interpretation of your test results so you can take any appropriate action.
An excellent place to start learning more about these three steps is the NGWA website,

Los fanU+00E1ticos de todo terrenos se preocupan por los caminos

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Un cuarteto de los clubes de todo terreno son los ganadores del programa Outstanding Trails del 2016, patrocinado por BFGoodrich Tires, en asociaciU+00F3n con 4 Wheel Parts, United Four Wheel Drive Associations, Blue Ribbon Coalition y Off Road Business Association.
Los clubs y sus caminos nominados son:
–Club Mile-Hi Jeep: camino Sidewinder, Colorado.
–Ohio River Four Wheelers: Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway, Kentucky.
–Club Grand Mesa Jeep: 21 Road, Grand Junction, Colorado.
–Club Piston’s Wild Motorsports: camino Hagen Creek, Yacolt Burn State Forest, Washington.
El programa Outstanding Trails, ahora en su 11 degree aniversario, fue creado para promover la conservaciU+00F3n y responsabilidad del manejo de los todo terreno. El programa invita a los clubes de todo terreno de toda América del Norte para nominar caminos locales que necesitan mantenimiento o mejoras. Un panel de jueces selecciona a los clubes y caminos ganadores, los cuales son elegidos según características únicas, el terreno y el apoyo el club.
Los cuatro clubes de todo terreno elegidos cada año reciben $ 4 000 cada uno, para utilizarlos en los esfuerzos locales de preservaciU+00F3n y protecciU+00F3n de los caminos de sus comunidades. AdemU+00E1s, algunos representantes de BFGoodrich Tires asistirU+00E1n a los eventos del club que estén relacionados con los caminos ganadores, para destacar las características únicas de cada ubicaciU+00F3n y para educar a los conductores de todo terreno en cuanto a la responsabilidad del uso de los caminos.
“El dicho dice así, ‘cuando la teoría se pone a prueba’, y en
BFGoodrich, no solo nos lo tomamos en serio, sino que también creemos que ‘cuando el camino se pone a prueba’ es igualmente importante y que inicia con los neumU+00E1ticos todo terreno T/A KO2”, dice Oscar Pereda de
BFGoodrich. “En nuestros primeros diez años con el programa Outstanding Trails, hemos ayudado a mejorar, reparar, mantener y proteger cerca de 50 caminos en 17 Estados y dos provincias canadienses”.
Cada uno de los clubes ganadores tiene planes para mejorar y mantener sus caminos locales. Uno en particular ha tomado un paso mU+00E1s allU+00E1 en la conservaciU+00F3n del camino en sí mismo, para incluir animales que viven allí. El Club Grand Mesa Jeep “ha adoptado el camino de la Ruta 21 y otros caminos locales y estU+00E1 comprometido con su protecciU+00F3n y mantenimiento,” según el presidente del club, Jeff Bates. Sin embargo, el club no solo ha adoptado la vía, sino también al sapo de espuelas de la Gran Cuenca (también conocido como el “sapo de la Ruta 21”), una especie en peligro de extinciU+00F3n en el U+00E1rea. “El club se ha comprometido a proteger el hU+00E1bitat de los sapos en por lo menos tres U+00E1reas a los largo del camino, con postes y cables”, dice Bates.
Visite para obtener mayor informaciU+00F3n.

Study Refutes Link Between Strokes, Chiropractic Care

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Is it time to finally put this one to rest?
Every once in a while, when some high-profile young man or woman dies unexpectedly from a stroke, the media races to find an explanation. Aha! She ran a marathon without being in shape! Aha! He visited a chiropractor several days before to relieve a pinched nerve in his neck!
The latter theory at least is refuted by research done this year by a team of neurosurgeons at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center. They performed what they described as “a systematic review and meta-analysis of published data” to determine whether there’s a direct correlation between the manipulation performed by doctors of chiropractic — manual adjustments widely acknowledged to relieve muscle-related pain — and a condition called cervical artery dissection (CAD) in which a small tear opens in the artery walls of the neck.
That’s important since such a tear can result in a stroke should a blood clot form and later break free to block a blood vessel in the brain.
The team’s conclusion? “There is no convincing evidence to support a causal link between chiropractic manipulation and CAD.”
CAD is actually quite rare. It’s been estimated that it annually strikes only two to three people, per 100,000 of the population, and various epidemiologic studies through the years suggest that strokes can occur at an equal rate whether sufferers are under chiropractic or other medical care for the headaches and neck pain it often produces.
As for chiropractic care in general, it’s worth remembering that — after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged doctors last March to avoid prescribing potentially addictive prescription painkillers in the face of mounting deaths — a slew of health experts joined the chorus of those who’d already been praising chiropractic as a safe and effective treatment for neck, mid back, and lower back pain.
“Not only is chiropractic care very safe, it actually poses fewer risks than medical or surgical treatment,” says Gerard Clum, DC, a spokesperson for the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

Celebra una fiesta de Posadas inolvidable para tu familia y amigos

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Cuando los jóvenes de la casa empiezan a pasar más tiempo con sus amigos o se mudan por primera vez, la celebración de las Posadas puede ser la ocasión perfecta para reunirlos a todos cada año y pasar un tiempo en familia. Desde JCPenney te contamos cómo preparar un festejo emocionante y memorable que mantenga viva la tradición. Si tienes previsto invitar a tus seres queridos a un delicioso banquete o salir a cantar villancicos en las calles o bien, jugar a la tradicional piñata de las Posadas, en JCPenney tenemos todos los artículos que necesitas para celebrar esta fiesta de manera fácil y asequible.
Obsequios para toda la temporada
Con tanta música, dulces y obsequios, sin duda, los niños son el centro de las Posadas. No obstante, hacer obsequios durante las fiestas puede ser costoso. Opta por opciones asequibles que llenen de alegría los nueve días de celebración, como por ejemplo, los anteojos de visión nocturna de Discovery Kids o las cartas Wembley Jumbo. Dale más emoción a la tradicional piñata repleta de dulces y añade sets de figuras de la colección de La Bella y la Bestia o de Cars, de Disney; los mas pequeños se sorprenderán al reventar la piñata y encontrar sus personajes favoritos.
Moda de temporada para la familia
Peregrinar por las calles durante Posadas es algo distintivo de esta fiesta, pero el frío de las bajas temperaturas puede ser insoportable. Elige texturas cálidas y abrigadas para pasar la noche, como las bufandas Mixit Gold Knit Chunky Infinity o los abrigos mullidos Xersion. Para los chicos, opta por un chaleco acolchado St. John’s Bay con una bufanda a rayas JF J. FERRAR y dale un toque casual a tu estilo mientras cantas Pedir Posadas en la noche.
Platos festivos para su cena de Posadas
Después de una noche al aire libre, es hora de volver a casa para una merecida cena familiar, elegantemente servida con arreglos de mesa en metales y elementos naturales, como madera y mármol. Entra en calor con una taza de atole o un tazón caliente de pozole servido en vajilla Gourmet Basics de Mikasa Delancy Dinnerware — y deja que la cerámica blanca y sus ribetes metálicos le den a la comida un aspecto tan delicioso como su sabor. Ningún banquete de Posadas está completo sin una montaña de deliciosos tamales de cerdo — colócalos en una fuente Thirstystone Urban Farm de madera de mango con asas de metal, fácil para servir y recargar.
Las fiestas de Posadas se aproximan, así que mantén viva esta tradición y prepara una celebración alegre y animada que quede en el recuerdo de tus familiares y amigos. Para más información sobre los productos mencionados, visite

Dare to Pair Pinot and Plover on Vacation

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Wine lover? Nature enthusiast? Both? Argentina and Chile, with unparalleled biodiversity and distinguished wines, are ideal journeys for you! The two countries share the majestic Andes, the longest natural border in the world. Weave through these mountains, which connect diverse ecosystems, and relish the geographic extravaganza of contrasts. Opportunities to see native, even rare, bird species abound, as does exploring vineyards and wineries. Wildlife and plants fill your senses and extraordinary wines fill your glasses, making each day amazing.
There’s Mendoza, for example. You’ll find exquisite olives, fruit and cheese here, too, but it’s mainly about the wine. Imagine yourself sampling Argentine Malbec or Pinot Noir in a vineyard perched over 4,250 feet in the foothills of the Andes. You may even spy a massive Andean condor soaring overhead.
East of Mendoza, the vast scrub plain of the Monte Desert boasts unique crested and sandy gallitos, endemic Steinbach’s canastero, and cinnamon warbling-finch.
On the other side of the Andes from Mendoza lies Chile’s Maipo Valley, famed for its Cabernet Sauvignons and Carméneres. Wind through the verdant landscapes of Chile to sample its distinctive wines and indulge your inner naturalist. Don’t miss the vineyards of Concha y Toro, producing some of the New World’s best Cabernet Sauvignon. Explore its mythic Casillero del Diablo, or Devil’s Cellar. Legend has it that a former landlord started the rumor that the devil himself was seen there, thus salvaging his personal wine inventory from theft and creating one of the most powerful legends in the wine world.
Take in Chile’s Colchagua Valley. Its name is from the native Mapuche word, colcahuala — “nesting place of the sacred Huala bird.” Nestled here are premium wine properties ripe for exploring and tasting.
At Altos de Lircay Nature Reserve, be on the lookout for woodland birds such as owl, woodpecker and hawk species, plus white-throated treerunner and the quasi-endemic chestnut-throated huet-huet.
Further south, a trip to Patagonia will leave no doubt as to why it’s one of the prime spots in the world for whale watching, hiking and horseback riding.
This region is teeming with natural splendor — in lush landscapes, along coasts and desert, and in a protected breeding colony of Humboldt penguins. Sophisticated Buenos Aires and Santiago round out the journey.
Travels are enhanced by expert guides and like-minded aficionados. Distinct options for immersive tours to Argentina and Chile are offered by International Expeditions. IE is a pioneer in imaginative, sustainable experiences within the confluence of ecotravel and luxury travel. Their naturalists and enologists enrich your days with knowledge about the region’s wine, wildlife, avifauna, history, folkways and foodways. Start to immerse yourself in Argentina and Chile, and other destinations combining adventure, nature and cuisine at

Initiative Transforms Libraries into Early Learning Centers for Families

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Remember your first library card? For many children, the library opened up doors to other worlds and was a haven to study, learn, and explore. And it still is.
While most libraries around the country offer summer reading programs and story time to engage families, one organization is encouraging libraries across the country to do more.
The Family Place Libraries initiative is a national program that advocates the idea of the library as a community center for early childhood and family development.
“Family Place gives the librarians a comprehensive framework,” Kathleen Deerr, national coordinator for Family Place Libraries told Publishers Weekly in an interview last year. “It’s about connecting people with everything they need to build healthier, better families.”
The point, Deerr told the magazine, is to “empower librarians and families.”
The program began as a collaboration between New York’s Middle Country Public Library and the now-defunct, nonprofit Libraries for the Future. The Family Place Libraries model features interactive, hands-on spaces within libraries that focus on the early learning and literacy of children from birth to three years old, while also supporting the needs of parents and caregivers.
“When we can share the research about how the program can build strong brains and that children learn through play, people begin to understand that we are creating a rich environment where children can explore and discover, and adults can meet friends and get support,” Deerr told the magazine.
Currently, the Family Place Libraries network includes more than 450 sites in 29 states, and continues to grow. With its national impact clear, the Institute of Museum and Library Services has thrown its considerable weight behind the program and awarded a $450,000 National Leadership Grant to Middle Country to demonstrate the value of Family Place. With this added support, 25 libraries in eight states have established new Family Place sites.
Stacey Aldrich, former state librarian for the California State Library, says that she was introduced to the Family Place Libraries concept through Libraries for the Future and was impressed, adding that, “to watch the model flourish in California has been immensely satisfying.”
“To see a grown man sitting in a kids’ chair, playing with his child, or a grandparent doing a puppet show — it’s special. It’s gratifying to provide this kind of space, where people can meet, talk to other parents, and learn and grow with their kids.”
For more information, visit

Three Innovative Twists to Our Favorite Sandwiches

(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – However you stack ’em or slice ’em, everyone loves a good sandwich — especially when it incorporates healthy ingredients. Americans everywhere are looking for quick solutions on making healthy diet choices, and many will be happy to hear that this doesn’t require a whole meal overhaul. In honor of National Sandwich Day on November 3rd, here are some fun twists on sandwich classics that can help you incorporate easy ingredients for guilt-proof lunch solutions.* PB&J Quesadilla: PB&J’s are an American favorite. To cut down on the high fat, calorie and sugar counts in typical peanut butter and jelly, sub in almond butter paired with fiber-full fresh strawberries and bananas. Wrap it all up in a whole wheat tortilla to cut carbs, throw it on a skillet and make your taste buds sizzle.* Wild Turkey: According to a recent study, turkey takes the cake for America’s most popular sandwich, but can sometimes get a bad rep if it’s piled up with fatty toppings. For a healthy new take on the classic club, ditch the fattening mayonnaise and bacon and trade it with almond butter and apple slices instead. This healthy upgrade also lends some crunch and sweetness to your sandwich.And remember: not all meats are created equal. Look for turkey that is lower in sodium and fat, without sacrificing flavor. Simply Delicious Slow Roasted Turkey Breast from Land O’ Frost is a great option and certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program, making it the perfect option for you and your family.* Green Grilled Cheese: Get your daily dose of greens and dairy with this healthy spin on everyone’s greasy, guilty pleasure. Pack your grilled cheese with avocado, spinach, pesto and parsley for a substantially more nutritious and flavorful sandwich. Better yet, substitute your go-to, boring deli cheese, with goat cheese, which is extra creamy and surprisingly low-cal. Feel free to experiment with any of your favorite veggies — it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?This National Sandwich Day, try out any of these creative transformations with your family, or use your imagination to invent a new, unique concoction of your own. For coupons and healthy recipe ideas for the whole family, visit

Businesses, Athletes Are Getting in on Game Apps

(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – There are few topics that cause as much heated debate and passion as sports — especially football. And in this digital age, mobile technology only enables such zeal — which is probably why sports apps are arguably one of the most popular ways to keep up with a beloved team, as well as help diehard football fans decide who will win a matchup on any given Sunday.Consider this: according to the NFL, 70 percent of fans use a second screen while watching football, use apps to allow for easy access to player stats and analysis, and keep in touch with other fans who are watching the game.1One company that is making itself known as the premier place to go for NFL predictions is Pick Factor ( Why? Because it helps gridiron enthusiasts by analyzing thousands of predictions from top sports websites, blogs, radio, and newspapers such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and CBS Sports, finally coming to a consensus prediction for every game.Think you can pick like a pro? Now Pick Factor has launched its new Pick ’em app that allows everyone to test their own predictions. The app not only helps those entrenched in football warfare (be it recreational, an office pool, or various leagues), but now users can also create their own leagues with friends or compete in public leagues.Jim Omer, president of Pick Factor, says that retired NFL players and sports bars have partnered with the company to create their own leagues in order to have their "own game experience.""Famous athletes and businesses are constantly looking for new ways to engage their fans and consumers. This is a way for them to do that," Omer says."I like to think of it as an innovative sports app that’s fun for football fans, and provides our partners with a unique way to promote themselves."For more information, visit or Jim Omer at

Backpack Offers Instant Drink Discreetly At the Push of a Button

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Carrying drinks conveniently and discreetly remains a challenge, but the latest design from Genie Bags can grant the wish of anyone looking to carry and tap into the drink of your choice while on the go.
The “T-Bag” is a new patent-pending tea, water (or other beverage) – dispensing backpack. It’s easy to use, effective, refillable and discreet; just lift the flap, open the spout, and quench your thirst at will. The backpack is available in camouflage or khaki in a durable nylon fabric that complements a range of casual outfits appropriate for a vast variety of activities. The straps are designed to be easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. The target audience for the T-Bag includes college students, athletes on the go, busy moms, and friends meeting to catch up.
The T-Bag joins the Genie Bags product line of elegant and functional beverage-carrier handbags: Cosmo, NY Nights, and Pinot. Each holds the beverage of your choice in a safe, durable, stylish carrier.
The unique design of the T-Bags allows for a discreet, stylish and practical transport vehicle for any beverage to a concert, sports event, movie theater, or anywhere else where it might be convenient or otherwise difficult to bring your drink of choice.
The line of T-Bags and Genie Bags were the invention of entrepreneur Beth Walters, a consummate designer with a flair for innovation and design and a desire for instant gratification when it comes to accessing her beverage of choice. Her motivation: a desire to combine necessity and convenience while maintaining class and dignity. But the added value of the Genie Bags line includes the potential for significant cost savings. The money you save can add up by bringing your own 2-liters of liquid to an event instead of paying a marked-up drink price set by the venue, and you don’t have to wait for a waiter.
Another benefit that comes with buying a Genie Bag: supporting a worthy cause. A portion of all sales of Genie Bags goes to help support disabled veterans and others in need through a partnership between Genie Bags and the Gift of Health Foundation.
For more details and product information, visit or contact