Using Fitness to Launch You to Better Success

<b>Using Fitness to Launch You to Better Success</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Your journey through life should begin with one simple question: “What can I achieve with better health?”

“Look 20 years ahead in your life, and you will know there’s no success without health,” says fitness expert Shawn Phillips, author of “Strength for Life” and “ABSolution: The Practical Guide To Building Your Best Abs.” “You can’t sacrifice your health for your success. They are interdependent goals.”

Health and fitness can impact your life, relationships and business ventures. Physical fitness can increase mental and emotional health, giving you more energy and a clearer mind.

Phillips recommends using the following fitness goals to launch your personal success:

* Set goals for the next 90 days, as well as a vision for the next year. Your vision is your ultimate destination — your personal definition of a strong life. Goals form the steps you need to take to realize your vision.

* Don’t narrow your goals to just fitness, but also personal and professional goals. That way, you’re not only getting into shape, but also improving your ability to excel in life.

* Establish two quantifiable goals, such as losing 10 pounds of fat or gaining three pounds of muscle, and two mental health goals, like improving a relationship or pursuing new interests.

* Find ways to reinvigorate your mind and body, including eliminating refined foods, sugar and empty calories from your diet, getting restful sleep and taking up light exercise to help you get used to moving.

“When you are strong, healthy and alive with energy, you are more effective, more confident and more in control,” says Phillips in an interview with SUCCESS Magazine. “Your results in life will improve as you do.”

More of Phillips’ interview can be found by visiting SUCCESS Magazine is a publication that gives its readers the information they need to achieve success in all areas of their lives, including the personal and the professional. People looking to push their achievements to new levels can subscribe to the magazine by visiting

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