Accomplish More By Doing Less

<b>Accomplish More By Doing Less</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – You work hard. You arrive early at the office and leave late. At home, you continue to work by Blackberry or laptop. And yet, you watch others rise around you while your career stays stagnant. What’s the problem?

According to Darren Hardy, editor of SUCCESS Magazine, you may be able to accomplish more if you start doing less. “This behavior of constant busyness can actually take you off course from your high-value goals; tax your physical, psychological and emotional system; and even damage or destroy relationships,” writes Hardy in the October issue of SUCCESS Magazine.

Superachievers actually work less than many others — but they accomplish far more in a smaller amount of time. So, instead of filling every waking moment with work, concentrate on becoming less busy, yet more productive.

Hardy offers the following tips for Americans hoping to make the most of their time:

– Stop doing the time-wasters. You need to figure out what you can stop doing in order to make room for the activities that will lead to success. “The only way you can gain more time is to stop doing something,” says Hardy.

– Put a junk filter on your life. Start filtering incoming requests — identify who and what is important before agreeing to activities and projects.

– Just say “no.” Don’t overcommit to please others. When you say “yes” to a request that does not further your objectives, you’re only saying “no” to yourself.

– Receive what you tolerate. In life, you get what you accept -; if you tolerate disrespect, others will disrespect you. Life will organize itself around the standards you set, so set high standards. Don’t tolerate time-wasters or unreasonable demands.

– Learn to delegate. If you empower others to execute your ideas, you can focus on the most important demands on your time.

– Learn to value time off. Taking time to enjoy yourself isn’t sloth, but a vital part of becoming more productive. Working without breaks will destroy your creativity. You will become tired, and thereby less productive. It’s far better to schedule some downtime, then go back to work feeling rejuvenated. “Time off is an important component of hard-core achievement and productivity,” says Hardy.

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