Finding Solutions to Fund Your Green Idea

<b>Finding Solutions to Fund Your Green Idea</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Americans with business-minded solutions to environmental issues need money before they can save the planet. But companies are creating new software systems that can help eco-conscious entrepreneurs.

For example, Timothy Daniel Hogan, a former Wall Street investment banker and the CEO of Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA), wrote an e-book entitled “The Secrets of Wall Street -; Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early-Stage Companies.” This e-book serves as the most comprehensive guide available in the world of raising capital.

CCA is a ten-year-old investment banking advisory firm serving the capital-raising needs of the entrepreneurial community. Business owners have successfully raised capital using CCA’s do-it-yourself Financial Architect System. Major universities use Hogan’s e-book in their course programs.

“This book is a complete primer that is straightforward, accurate, and practical,” wrote Raman Chadha the Executive Director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center at DePaul University. “It simplifies the legal and financial complexities of the funding process in direct language, and is focused on getting the entrepreneur to do what he or she does best -; take action.”

In addition to its capital-raising software, the CCA provides clients with access to accredited “angel” investors, private equity funds, hedge funds, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and many other sources of capital, around the world, that have an interest in funding start-up and early-stage companies.

The CCA software brings successful strategies used by major corporations to smaller ventures. “The company’s goal is to educate business owners; and to provide them with the legal documents and other tools necessary to develop effective deal structures, with the goal of attracting more investors,” wrote Freida J. Curry, Executive Director Center for Urban Business at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “Bottom line, their mission matches Center for Urban Business’s mission of helping small businesses to achieve the next level of significant growth.”

To download your complimentary-abridged edition copy, visit: and enter promotional code 1492.

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