VehSmart Offers Protection Against Parking Lot Perils

<b>VehSmart Offers Protection Against Parking Lot Perils</b>“></td>
<p>(<a href=NewsUSA) – Men just don’t get it. Men don’t understand the fear many women feel as they leave the office building after work to go to their car in the dark, or when they leave a department store alone and have to walk across a vast parking lot with their arms full of packages. For millions of women, a parking lot can be a dangerous place, sometimes resulting in serious or deadly consequences. But a new product called VehSmart is providing women with a renewed peace of mind knowing that they carry their own personal security network with them, right in their pocket.

The area near your car -; or even en route to it -; has become one of the prime target areas for thugs, thieves, rapists and lunatics alike. This area offers more protection for your attacker than it does for you, especially if you are in an unlit area, a secluded garage or between larger vehicles. According to the Department of Justice, one in three women in America will be attacked in her lifetime. Given these grim statistics, women (and even men) need to be extra vigilant in walking alone to their cars in parking lots or garages. Considering that 70 percent of shoppers are women and that 25 percent of rapes take place in public areas or parking garages, extra protection is necessary to avoid becoming another statistic.

VehSmart is a new, OnStar-like product that, unlike OnStar, can be equipped on all vehicle makes and models. According to The National Women’s Study, statistics found that 78 percent of women would consider buying OnStar-equipped vehicles, and 71 percent hope that their elderly parent(s) would buy a vehicle with a safety and security system like OnStar. VehSmart claims to exceed OnStar in safety features and benefits, the most important of which is its exclusive remote panic button, a personal backup in any emergency.

VehSmart uses Telematics, a new technology, which combines existing GPS and communications technology to form a hybrid safety and emergency notification system. When pressed, the emergency alert panic button contacts a 24/7/365 Call Center which immediately tries to contact the user through e-mail or mobile phone. Using VehSmart’s GPS technology, the Call Center can locate the position of the VehSmart equipped vehicle as well. The Call Center not only calls the user’s cell phone but also can contact other prelisted contacts, dispatching roadside assistance or emergency services if necessary. VehSmart is the only product that offers this safety protection not only in the vehicle, but around it as well.

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