IT Companies Create New Revenue Streams

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – In today’s economy, businesses are seeking new streams of revenue. For example, businesses that sell phone systems and computer equipment typically rely on new sales to generate revenue. But when potential clients cut costs, they’re less likely to purchase new equipment and systems with the same frequency. As a result, many are looking for steadier streams of revenue to tide them over between sales.
Luckily, some businesses are finding ways to create new streams of revenue for their clients. On Call Telecom (, a company that holds partnerships with telecom companies such as Paetec and Qwest, helps create telecom solutions for businesses.
If a business sells phone systems and computer equipment, On Call Telecom can work with them, allowing them to offer telecom, voice and data plans, including services such as local, long distance, Internet access, voice, data, private lines, conferencing, Ethernet, and video services.
Because the payments go directly to the service providers, the providers pay a steady stream of monthly revenue to On Call Telecom and their hardware service partners.
“Creating solutions that enable companies that sell phone and computer hardware to offer voice and data solutions allows businesses to develop new streams of revenue, something that can help businesses survive today’s tough economy,” says John Finguerra, President of On Call Telecom.
“Those receiving monthly commissions for voice and data services don’t need to rely on hardware as their only source of revenue.”
Partnering with a service such as On Call Telecom also assists sales. The company provides an audit, which evaluates where businesses could cut their phone and Internet costs. After the audit, it may be easier to convince a business to make changes using their savings to upgrade their current phone and computer systems.
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