Do We Really Need a Cell Phone Ban While Driving?

Driving cars = good

Using cell phones = good

Driving cars while using cell phones = not so good

The two activities combined have proven to be a dangerous mix. Just consider these staggering statistics:

  • 45% of drivers have been hit or nearly hit by a driver using a cell phone, according to Nationwide Insurance
  • Nearly 5,900 people were killed and 515,000 were injured last year in crashes where driver distraction was reported
  • 16% of all fatal crashes involved driver distraction in 2008, especially among young drivers

Considering those unfortunate numbers, it may come as no surprise that:

  • 80% of Americans favor a ban on texting on cell phones while driving, according to a Nationwide Insurance study
  • More than half support a cell phone ban while driving altogether

More and more states are considering taking legislative action and banning cell phone usage while driving. But Instead of waiting for the federal and state governments to make these behaviors illegal, auto insurance provider Nationwide is working toward technological solutions that will help drivers stay connected and safe while driving.

These solutions involve software installed on a phone or Blackberry that recognizes when you’re driving and blocks incoming calls and texts, using an auto-reply message to let your friends know that you’re driving.

Plus, Nationwide plans to offer insurance discounts to drivers who use these devices once they become available.

The potential effects of a cell phone ban while driving are immeasurable – both in lives saves and in decreased insurance costs for consumers.

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